Cinderella Contract: Claude's Birthday Walkthrough

Finally managed to play Claude's B-day event and make a walkthrough for it.

Before that; I officially hate the MC for this game on all routes, she was such a pain!!!

Sorry needed to release my stress...

Claude's Birthday Party:

02: Elegance Trial-
Requirements: 400 Elegance

05: Avatar Trial-
Premium: Large French Doll +Charm 80 (300 Platinum)
Normal: Pile of presents +Charm 25 (1000 Feminine)

11: Elegance Trial-
Requirements: 4000 Elegance

18: Avatar Trial-
Premium: Curtain of the stage +Charm 80 (300 Platinum)
Normal: Blue macaroon tower +Charm 25 (1000 Feminine)

20: Avatar Trial
Choose your ending:
Good End- Premium: Stage Reputation +10 (450 Platinum)
Get: Story Ticket x1, Sitting Claude

Normal End- Normal: Rose Reputation +2 (3500 Feminine)
Get: Story Ticket x1

  •  Purchase a present for Claude: Bouquet w/ 24 Roses (500 Platinum).
    • Receive a special scenario.
  • A limited sweet room Gacha: Claude's Birthday Party is available for this event. 
    • Each spin requires 400 Suite Room PT.

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