New Game: The Office's Secret Affair

The Office's Secret Affair

By: Arithmetic.Inc

Rated: M +17

This hot and dangerous romance game, based on secret office romance, [My Boss is Too Hot & Wild!] has been newly released with the new title [The Office' Secret Affair]!
Same game only difference is you can purchase the route instead of waiting for the 5 day free tickets.
Special scenarios that have been written from your boyfriend's point of view have been added!
Plus, the wild beasts in the office has become even hotter!

I will be posting on YouTube the routes just in case you don't want to buy the route.


One day after you've been down since your ex-boyfriends' betrayal, suddenly the other guys in the office start asking you out!
A sadistic guy, and a rich guy, a player... All of them all approaching you for a date!
You won't be able to tell anyone about this exhilarating experience!
This secret love affair is here for you. Are you ready to fall for them?

【The Wild Beasts in Office Have Got Their Eyes On You!】

・Ryoji Kaji

 "Give me 2 months. I will definitely make you fall for me by then."
This guy is your co-worker and he is very reliable. However, he suddenly became a little more than a co-worker!
 When you were confused with this new relationship with him, his fingers softly touch your face...
 Wait...! We can't do this in the conference room...!

・Kaoru Kuryu

 "I know you like it. This is how you want to play with you."
 He's the cool elite co-worker that has found out something about you...
 You thought he is very calm person, but he's actually quite different...
 He messes with and leaves you completely confused.
 You never thought he was into you that much...

・Akito Kurosaki

"I know everything about you. Even every single part of you."
A business partner of your company's president revealed your embarrassing secret!?
 You will go crazy while hanging out with him!
 What is the truth behind his gentle smile...?


[Nice & Easy to Play!]

It is free to read each character's Chapter 01 and Epilogue 01.
If you share this to your social media, you can read one more Chapter of each character!
Plus, if you input the invitation code, you will be able to read the Limited Edition "His Point of View" Scenario!
You'll be able to read how your boyfriend fell in love with you!

▼Function of Downloadable Scenario Apps

・You can finish off the whole scenario of a character by selecting your favorite route.
・Once downloaded, you can play it wherever you want, eve in offline mode.
・Does not include Avatars and Gachas, this only contains high quality scenarios!

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