It's finally Autumn!

>>> Autumn is Here!! <<<
Hello Everyone,

So it has literally been a long time since I have updated anything at all. Which I do apologize for. It has been a bit overwhelming due to work and health issues, but our group has managed to survive somehow.

Moving on to a different topic, 
Finally updated the music playlist, honestly it was getting kinda old playing the same music over and over again. So do let me know what you think, some of you might recognize the music! Just a heads up, the music is a bit calming maybe even emotional to some of you, but toward the end of the playlist is sort of gothic and dark, since it's almost Halloween! 

Hope you enjoy the music, will be updating a bit more slowly but surely!


  1. I missed you guys!! I hope everything was okay! BTW, LOVE UR MUSIC TASTE! EMOTIONAL, ROMANTIC, CREEPY! HAHA! XD

  2. Is it possible, to feel emotional, then sexy (kinda turned on), and creepy all at the same time. Such sexy music it really is, makes me think im a hot villainous women, i know wild imagination.

    Especially 'Complication!!' and 'Sucking Blood': AHH! Really Aya, awkward and yet OMG!

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