2015 General Election prizes are FINALLY OUT!!!!!

Dangerously in Love: Voltage's Most Wanted: Prizes
Comic Strip for the Winner of Each Category.
If you voted for one of the guy's then you have it too! BTW Eisuke's video is really something.
Let me know if the pics are too small to read!

 Soryu's was HILARIOUS! His face waking up, Priceless!

★★2015 General Election prizes are FINALLY OUT!!!!!

Thank you ALL for waiting so patiently!! All of the General Election prizes have been released on Sweet Cafe.

◆What are the prizes?◆

1. All of you who VOTED for the 2015 General Election WINNER:
You will be able to watch Eisuke's General Election-exclusive Original Movie♪
It's hot, sexy, and sizzling with greatness (//∇//) (//∇//)
Let the Most Wanted of 2015 melt your heart once again.

P.S....the much anticipated Eisuke's Season 3 Main Story is COMING to you soon!
Go back and read his past season stories first to reminisce and find yourself inexplicably drawn to his persona once again.

(For the newbies: Eisuke Ichinomiya is a character from the app "Kissed by the Baddest Bidder.")

2. All of you who VOTED for the 2015 General Election Category #1s:
Individual English-exclusive comic strip mangas of each #1 character!
Cuteness overload, guaranteed!(//∇//)

3. All of you who PARTICIPATED in the 2015 General Election:
You will receive a WONDERFUL group image!!!!!

GO GO GOOOO get the prizes on the "PRIZES" page on Sweet Cafe, NOW!

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  1. thank you for adding this! since i did not vote for some of the guys i as curious about the pics.