Bidding For Love: Kyo Main Route

Good morning everyone,

Due to High Demand I will be adding Kyo's Main Route on Youtube. Yay!

Since no one has added his route yet, well I remember they did, but I guess they took down.
Also if you are looking for the extra scenes, those have been added as well. 
Have to admit though, ever since I started recording the game, I have become addicted in playing the game all over again!

If you need the walkthrough here is the link >>> CLICK HERE <<< 
(I don't think there are any errors...)

Hope you enjoy the video's! 

Viewer Discretion is Advised!

Here is the list of the list of episodes available, just click the scene ## that you would like to view.

Kyo's Main Route Episodes:

Chapter 1

Scene (1-12)
Scene (13-18)
Scene (19-25)

Chapter 2

Scene (1-8)
Scene (9-15)

Chapter 3

Scene (1-15)
Scene (16-25)

Chapter 4

Scene (1-8)
Scene (9-25)

Chapter 5 

Scene (1-16)

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