Why girls have guy friends than girl friends?

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Why girls have guy friends than girl friends?

Among our friends and In school, for some weird reason everyone has began talking about it. Is alright for a girl to have more guy friends than girl friends. I for one get along much better with the guys than the girls, Aya has also agreed with me, and we both have the same reason. Girls at times can be scary, especially when something is going on, and the whole drama begins. While the guys they just punch each other out and that's it, no more holding a grudge against each other. The only thing would be if a girl came in. Usually that's when the whole choosing your friend or your girlfriend comes in. Sometimes is not worth choosing a girlfriend of 2 months than a friend of 10 years, but then again it varies reason right?
Anyway back on topic , is it alright for a girl to have guy friends? What are the plus and downsides to it.

Here are some of my reasons why we girls sometimes have more guy friends than girl friends.

She was a tomboy growing up; her female friends turned on her; she's more interested in sports/ video games than hair and makeup; she was raised in a family consisting of more boys than girls, plus we get better advice from a guy's point of view.
Some of my friends say they disagree and girls should have more female friends while others , say yes, it varies from person to person.
The ones saying no actually have a very "never thought of that" opinion. They said that girls who have only guys friends, is because they do not want to be judge by the "girls"; they feel insecure. I for one do not feel that way. But everyone is different.
Either way getting a male point of view tops the list. 

You and your girlfriends could speculate for hours as to why men do the things that vex you—or you could just ask a guy pal, who will break it down for you in 10 words or fewer, without all the stress. This Intel can give you the upper hand in dealings with not only a boyfriend or a brother but also a male boss.

Time spent with a dude is also usually free of the judgments women sometimes pass on each other—and that can be liberating. 

There's less dress-to-impress, less calorie counting, less competition in general. Women are natural rivals, often competing for the same things in life.

Men are seen by their female friends as being on a different playing field, with different measures of success. Example: Your best guy friend is unlikely to feel twinges of jealousy when you tell him you're pregnant. And when it comes to maintenance, guy friends are more Chia Pet than English rose garden.

A drama-free relationship that's low on expectations and high on fun? What's not to love?

Men and women, of course, have gone to the gym together and lived together as roommates for years and years. But these days, guys are even more likely to pop up in your cooking class or book club, and it's not unusual for a chick to show up at a poker night or join a fantasy football league. These common interests and shared experiences lay the groundwork for new platonic friendships.


To make it clear you want to hang out and not hook up, communicate your intentions with words and actions. Asking a potential guy friend to grab dinner, for example, sends a very different message than suggesting he join you on an afternoon run. 

So be careful, especially if you have a very jealous boyfriend! 

For this reason, is where the road begins to be a bit shaky, and where friendships or a relationships end. So do keep that in mind.

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