Officially Updated Walkthroughs!

Hello Everyone!!
Finals are finally over!!
Could not update any sooner due to being sick since Easter!
It was horrible! Just when I thought I was getting better ended up getting a slight fever and a cold! Still sick!!
Apparently I need to rest, LOL!
Oh well! 
Good news is; have a small break, so had the chance to update everything. Been watching Korean dramas lately. None of the scenes ever happens in real life!!! Guess that's why it's on TV LOL! 

Also received A's in all my classes.Glad to know all that studying paid off. Actually thought I wasn't going to make it. XD

So everyone has been wondering, and sending quite a few msg's (Was amazed! My inbox was super full!! Some people where loosing it.) when I was going to update the walkthrough's? Well have updated, up to where I have stopped at. 

  • It's Our Secret Story 1 & 2: Completed
  • Sinbad's Walktrough Updated
  • Cinderella Contract Updated
  • All other walkthrough's (most) have been fixed.

Coming Soon...

  •  It's Our Secret Story 3 (Have already started started a while back, will post it sometime soon!)
  • ... I actually forgot WTH I was going to say LOL! .... Yeap nothing, nada... 
Well after I remember what I was going to say will post it up! Remember Mom Day! 


Question's on walkthrough's if if we do not reply to you, it is not because we are ignoring you, we just don't have time to reply or we might have missed it; but will try to answer when we can. Also check comments someone might have asked the same question or we might have updated the walkthrough in order to reply to the questions.

Added this video cause I just thought it was hilarious...


  1. Now A huge fan of the song faded!!! It's catchy!!!

    It actually pumped me up. To get up and dance!!! XD

    I appreciate your hard work!! Congrats on Finals!!

    Scary video, shook me up a bit!

  2. LOL! Love the horror vid, hilarious.... bottle cap.