New Games Available: Shall we date?: Magic Sword+, Love! Sushi Rangers, Shall we date?: Angel or Devil+

Shall we date?: Magic Sword+

 Shall we date?: Magic Sword+ - screenshot

This story is all about, you were assigned to look after the Excalibur sword, the sword has been around for decades, passed down from generations to generations until it was the legendary King Arthur with his mysterious behavior.You vow to get it back. Now you (player) also a fighter and three brave knights set out on a journey to get the sword back. It's a journey full of thrilling adventure, battles, humorous and not to forget romances. Experience the stunning beautiful story and the handsome knights like never before.
Find out how this journey changes you.

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Shall we date?: Mononoke Kiss+

 Shall we date?: Mononoke Kiss+ - screenshot
Once upon a time… Mononokes (humanoid monsters) were living discreetly in human society. And my life as a princess was full of peace… One day, some mononokes attacked my castle! One of them said to me, “You must be Yuri’s daughter.” And he attempted to take me away. “What the earth is going on!? Somebody, help me!!” Then all of a sudden, four young men appeared in front of me. “Who are you? What’re you doing here?” Now, I have to choose one of them to escape from the mononokes. Two of them, Enojo and Hajime are reaching out their hands to me. Which one should I choose? Or should I run away by myself―which brings me to meet Raizo.

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Shall we date?:Angel or Devil+

Shall we date?:Angel or Devil+ - screenshot
The game depicts your (a player’s) 7 days with an angel, devil and reaper. The story started with a scene where you found yourself in bed at the hospital when you opened your eyes-you had been involved in a car accident. All of a sudden, three strange men appeared in front of you-the angel with shining wings; the demon with deep black wings who was smirking; the reaper with a scythe in his hand whose eyes were cold. They asked for your soul because you had only a few days left to live. 

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Love! Sushi Rangers -date sim-

Love! Sushi Rangers -date sim- - screenshotLove! Sushi Rangers -date sim- - screenshot 

Our protagonist's father is a pro sushi chef.
In the beginning, a travel agency chose the dad for their planned "High-Class Sushi Cruising" and then all of a sudden he was taken overseas.
That night... our protagonist awoke to a strange voice and saw an unbelievable light. Suddenly 6 youths appeared in the sushi kitchen, looking like people who've been seen somewhere before...
In order to help the protagonist, they changed into humans out of being... Sushi toppings!
Thus we raise our curtain on the strange life of a girl and six people(?).
Can they help our protagonist hold on to the sushi shop?
And what will become of her relationship with them......?!
**Targets you can choose in this app**


Yu Maguro:

Age: 20
Height: 4cm-182cm
Image Color: Red
Hobbies: Track and Field (distance)
Personality: Foolhardy, Tsundere, (initially cold), very shy
  • The "childhood friend" type. Very helpful and brotherly.
  • In a rivalry with "Salmon"


Kei Sukegawa:

Age: 20
Height: 4cm-179cm
Image Color: Orange
Hobbies: Traveling, wandering
Personality: Bad at staying in one place.Popular with the girls. Good fashion sense
Searching for his own place that he can truly call home.
  • In a rivalry with "Maguro"
  • The older brother of "Ikura"


Iku Sukegawa:

Age: 18
Height: 4.2cm-173cm
Image Color: Pink
Hobbies: Ball games (like basketball)
Personality:Always putting up walls between other people. Very shy. Calm and prudent
Rarely cold-hearted and sometimes explodes with bottled-up emotions
  • The younger brother of "Salmon." Maybe he has an older brother complex?
  • Good friends with "Tamago" (they were egg-buddies)


Tamaki Marui:

Age: 18
Height: 4.5cm-167cm
Image Color: Yellow
Hobbies: Cooking
Personality: Spoiled and easily jealous
Becomes fast friends with children
  • (Is actually black-hearted and also considered spoiled?) 
  • Good friends with Ikura (they were egg-buddies)
    • 【Shrimp】 Shima Ebisawa
    • 【Avocado】 Alba Estacado 

Completed Routes:


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Interesting Game... bit different from the usual. Kinda the old fashion otome games with a bit of a twist. Highly recommend.

Love! Sushi Rangers -date sim- - screenshot

Will not be doing a walkthrough, since I kinda forgot t write down my answers that I picked, whoops. If you have any questions on the game, will try to help out if I can.

  • Also all Extra Scenes for Arabian Nights Love Story: Sinbad have been added and is now complete!
  • BTW: Has anyone noticed in Arithmetic/OKKO games and a few others, their games have become explicit, well not explicit just more detailed. For example:
    •  The Cinderella Contract
    • Arabian Nights Dessert Heat Love
    • Bidding for Love
Now it might just be me... (not that any of us are complaining with these scenes).
The MC is supposed to be the typical, naive, dense, innocent, but dang, she sure knows a lot, and very willing.
Of course all my friends say the same thing: 
'Who isn't, when it's a rich hot guy, that gives me everything and all the love in the world?'; 
So what do you think? 
Have the sex scenes 'baby making' gone to explicit or is it just right? 
Or maybe you want more?

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  1. This story is all about, you were assigned to look after the Excalibur sword, the sword has been around for decades, passed down from generations to generations until it was the legendary King Arthur with his mysterious behavior.You vow to get it back.