Office Lover Season 2: Kitazawa Omi Sequel Walkthrough

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Office Lover Season 2

Kitazawa Omi Sequel Walkthrough 

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How do you switch routes.
  1. First of all click touch 'MENU' (Top left corner!)
  2. After clicking/touching 'Menu' click 'Switch Route' (Bottom row, left corner)
  3.  You should see Sequel. Click it
  4. In order to play the sequel, you have to pass Season 1 and Intro to Season 2!!

Just started typing out the extra scenario's first one is done, the others will take me a while. If you would to read the extra scene just click it.



Chapter 1: Happy Memories


(1.) "Stop That."
(2.) "Don't Stop."
(3.) "It's my turn."(+5)


(1.) "..." (+5)
(2.) "I can't believe it!"
(3.) " You really can't remember!?"


(1.) "Our 1st kiss." (+5)
(2.) "That one day at the hospital."
(3.) "Our 1st date."

Kitazawa's sight- Suspicious Fiancee: (Extra 1) (180 Platinum??)


Chapter 2: Fragments of Memory


(1.) "I'm your secretary." (+5)
(2.) "Who was that?"
(3.) "It's me! ___!


(1.) "Me?"
(2.) "Maho?" (+5)
(3.) "Wakako?"

Seriously angry!!! Why can't she say anything, why didn't she say anything before; it's a bit late now!! Should have introduced herself after finding out he lost his memory, maybe with a picture of how happy they were!! Also, would have called security on the fake lover and told them not to let her in; since she is claiming to be someone she isn't. I mean the heroine married the guy already, she does not need to hide, they both vowed!! Where the hell are the wedding pictures anything!! I believe Omi would have understood to give the heroine a chance of getting to know her, if she just came right out with it, instead she is a creeper who keeps coming into his room! 


(1.) "I'm so sad." (+5)
(2.) "I feel angry."
(3.) "It doesn't bother me."


Chapter 3: False Lover



I actually ended up paying a ton of money on this route LOL! There goes my bonus!! Oh well... no regrets... at least not yet. By this time I am still mad really mad on how the story is progressing.


(1.) "I'll be back tomorrow."
(2.) (I can't take this anymore.)
(3.) "I'll stop coming for a while." (+5)

#2 < In a real life situation, would of maybe pick this after all that has happened, but probably say it out loud too...

Kitazawa's Sight Orchestrated Kiss: Extra 2



(1.) Omi's Cologne.
(2.) That white cat.
(3.) The coffee he drinks. (+5)

Anri!! ADORE HIM! Go!! I love him too!! Cannot wait for the sequel!! Anyway finally Anri knocks some sense into her; though it does not last very long!!


(1.) (It's better this way.)
(2.) (...)
(3.) (No way!!) (+5)

Chapter 4: Intertwined Fates


(1.) Touch his cheek.
(2.) Kiss him.
(3.) Rub his head. (+5)


(1.) Tell him. (+5)
(2.) Don't tell him.
(3.) Ask him about Maho.


(1.) "But..."
(2.) "Okay."
(3.) "No." (+5)

So finally the women we all hated on the prequel is the main one who actually supports you. My view on her totally changed. >_<... By this point of the story you will not be so angry more like relieved somewhat.

Chapter 5: Fall in Love Again


(1.) Go in and stop it. (+5)
(2.) Try to listen in.
(3.) Go away.


(1.) "When you kissed me."
(2.) When we were at work."
(3.) "..." (+5)


(1.) "Who told you to do it?" (+5)
(2.) "It wasn't your fault."
(3.) "This is terrible..."

Forgive or not to forgive...? She has a good reason... or regards of why she did it. Though if it was me...

Chapter 6: Discord between Father and Son

Naughty Love in the Hospital Room: Extra 4


(1.) "I'm Koichiro's secretary now."
(2.) "Not really." (+5)
(3.) "Our company was bought out."


(1.) Stare at Koichiro.
(2.) Look at Omi. (+5)
(3.) Stand back and watch both men.


(1.) A carnation.
(2.) A lily.
(3.) A sunflower. (+5)

So the story seems getting positive kinda cliche here and there but interesting, not so angry anymore at least no yet...

Chapter 7: Dedicated to his Beloved Wife


(1.) "I know."
(2.) "Ummm..."
(3.) "I don't want to believe it." (+5)


(1.) "Are you going to do it?"
(2.) " I hope it doesn't draw attention to us."
(3.) "We should do it together." (+5)

Produce You: Extra 5


(1.) "Of course." (+5)
(2.) "I'd rather not."
(3.) "Kitazawa, what do you think?"

Chapter 8: Pitfall of Happiness

Just like the title suggests, this pretty much the part where everything starts going sour and i start buying more scenario tickets, since i have to find out what happens next... 


(1.) "Let's have a picnic!"
(2.) "Let's watch a movie!"
(3.) "Let's go for a delicious meal!" (+5)


(1.) "It's nothing." (+5)
(2.) "Well..."
(3.) "There is something."

Shiraishi and Kitazawa are in Paris. Kagaya is busy. She really is lonely... sucks to be her especially with a psycho on the loose.


(1.) .... Screamed in anger.
(2.) "Why did you do this?" (+5)
(3.) ... glare at him.

... Oh Drama n more Drama... getting a bit tired of it, she must be really pretty to be popular with all the men around her... even though she is described as just a simple plain lady... too bad reality is not like that @ least not for me... though it's OK since I would probably go crazy or to jail (>u<) with all the trouble's  she's going thru.

Chapter 9: Succession Race of Love and Hate


(1.) ... Stop Kitazawa. (+5)
(2.) ... Stop Koichiro
(3.) ... Do nothing.


(1.) "Yes."
(2.) "No."
(3.) "I'm more worried about Kitazawa. (+5)


(1.) I will tell him. (+5)
(2.) I can't tell him.
(3.) Kitazawa will believe me.

Chapter 10: Brunt Of Hatred


(1.) "No." (+5)
(2.) "I understand."
(3.) "I..."


(1.) "Let me help!"
(2.) "Err..."
(3.) "Wakako!" (+5)


(1.) "... was worried about Koichiro."
(2.) "... wondered who would win the contest?"
(3.) "... tell him he did a great job." (+5)

Chapter 11: Tied Bonds


(1.) I read the letter.
(2.) I threw the letter.
(3.) I showed Kitazawa. (+5)


(1.) "Sure."
(2.) "Where are we going?" (+5)
(3.) "Are we going shopping?"


(1.) "Was that a good idea?"
(2.) "Err..."
(3.) "I'm relieved." (+5)


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Recently have been traveling a whole lot due to work, I have to catch up on school work...
Will worry about that next week...

Something huge did happen this week!! 
I gained weight!!! 
Was @ 48kg and gained 4-5kg.

While traveling and playing music, all the hard work in arranging was done, so did not have to worry about that during the Spring Break. That does not mean I have a bunch of time to go to awesome tourist attractions, I usually have about 4 hours at the most of free time, evening hours are mainly work hours, while during the afternoon is just meeting and reviewing that everything is going as planned. I do exercise, I usually wake up at 5 in the morning and run 8K (a bit less than 5mi), now that my schedule is a bit tighter than usual I just run 5K(about 3mi), which now that I think about it might have helped control somewhat gaining too much, the calorie intake might have been too much... UGH!!! (⋋▂⋌)

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So before my gigs, I would go around town, and find awesome restaurants/food stalls.

Food around the world is awesome!!! 

Started to notice after the first week of work... my clothes were tighter, my cheeks were like chipmunks and had a muffin top. 

I said to myself: 
'Will try to exercise more after Spring Break, right now will enjoy myself', never planned on my bf having extra spare time and showing up. Which is okay, was happy since it has been a little more than a month since I last seen him, he arrived 2 days ago. 

After meeting him at the airport, first thing he say's: 
"Set up your alarm at 5 we are going to exercise."

Which is bad for me everyone I get back around 3-4 in the morning!!!  Wake up at 9 a.m.; do everything I need to do and head to the meeting place at noon. 

So yesterday was my first day of exercising, it was HELL!!!


Though looking at it the positive way, I loose weight pretty fast, my parents always did say eat whatever you want just exercise properly (whatever you eat, you have to burn it!), also he is helping me out with my workload, i would have thought I would have less sleep hours, but incredibly I have the same amount, and since he helps me in the afternoon, i can actually take a nap. YAY!! Which also I apologize for not updating as fast is just have I been incredibly busy, I finally managed to update everything, and post the walkthrough. So can't complain. (Though I just did...) So please have patience with me I can only do so much.

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  1. thank you for updating the walkthroughs! we are humans afterall and real life should be our first priority so no worries we understand!

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    1. You can read the first extra scenario, by just clicking on it from this walkthrough and it will take you to the page or on your right side going under pages there should be a page called Omi Season 2 extra scenes. Or just visit that page. Hope i was not too confusing.

  10. What was extra 3 story about because I can't decided if I wanted or not?

    1. Go ahead and get it. ^^

      It's right after the scene in the hospital when Kitazawa discovers the truth, and when both the MC and Omi confront her.

    2. It's not a bad scene, but it just really irritated me, a whole bunch! XD

  11. Oh the MC and Omi confront about Maho about her brother saying she was Omi girlfriend? I already skip it because you wrote that it was annoying. Can you tell me what happen from Omi and MC confront her (Maho)? Please

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    1. I know what you mean!!! I had trouble going through with it. As for 'It's my Secret', if you have enough points you can view 3 endings, yeah I skipped the bad, and good ending and just went on to the best ending, I do not want to see the idiot all over Edward. LOL!

      Seems all otome games recently have been turning out like that (with the same cliche scenarios the guy being with another lady).

    2. Yeah, only reason im doing this story is Just in case there's a season 3, and nonone has uploaded this to the tube yet. And going through edwards craptastic story, to reach 4th story... ive found relying on others to upload a full set, and continuing to do so, isnt always failsafe. Lol.

      Unfortunately, with its our secret and forbidden love, Im silly and have to have all endings. Ill never reset the stories... honestly, theyre not good enough to try and keep patience to read again, let alone in increments... but just in case... ya know? And pending on my mood, I might need a bad ending. Lol

      My gosh... the brother. Hes so cute! I feel bad for the futer, when he finds out his sister is full of Baby Snacks. Sad kids make me sad.

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  16. how do you get to season 2? I need help

    1. First of all you have to finish Season 1, if you have, you have to finish Season 2 Introduction.
      If you have then go to
      Click 'Switch Route' (it's on the last row, on the left side corner).
      You should see 'Play the sequel' Click it.

      You should see Kitazawa Season 2.

      Will post pics to better explain myself.

  17. Is season 2 even worth reading? After reading the comments I don't think I could tolerate how cliche and stupid the story and characters seem to be.

    1. Lots Of Patience!!
      But it's a cute ending, Aya also has added Omi's perspective. Which kinda relieves the heart!

  18. I'm glad I read this before I got any further into Season 2. The MC acts so stupid. They're married; what kind of wife runs out of the room crying continuously like that after not introducing herself to an amnesiac patient MULTIPLE TIMES. Yeah, it must hurt for him not to remember you, but OMG HE LOST ALL MEMORY OF EVEN HIS IDENTITY. Like hello, common sense??? God forbid she does more than just cry and instead bring in some photos or friends who can be like, yeah, dude, you guys just got married.

    1. I agree. When I was starting to read Omi's Route, I honestly did not want to continue reading the story. It was just making me angrier every time.

  19. Thank you so much for having a walkthrough. And I'm very annoyed with her. Why the hell didn't she tell Omi she's his wife! Why would she say shes his secretary they were already married and heading I their honeymoon! Grrrrrr!

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