Starstruck Love: Ryo or Ryusei Walkthrough

 Starstruck Love

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After moving to Europe, many of my new foreign friends love Japan. One particular friend, has got me addicted to otome games, I have played in the past a few due to work, but only part of the game, I usually prefer Halo or Call of Duty!
Now I am so addicted!!o(≧∇≦o)  
You can download the game by clicking >>> Here.<<<
Android app, not sure if there's an app for iPhone.

Video By Anna Saraz


Your parents suddenly die, leaving you with debts to pay.
Now alone without a single relative, you are offered help by your childhood friend's father.
Your new father is the gifted CEO of a major entertainment company.
... Wow ... my parents friends are  pretty normal...
Your pop star debut comes with a spacious room in a huge mansion, and your own private butler.
You begin the coveted and comfortable life of a celebrity.
What's more, a hugely popular pop star group has become your siblings!
You must keep secret the dangerous fact that you are siblings... and possibly more than that!? 

Anyway recently started playing Starstruck Love.
My thoughts so far .... 
Ryo sort of seems sadistic and very possessive... while Ryusei looks like the gentlemen but you have the feeling he is not as good as he seems to portray. Also I regret not picking RYO!!! .·´¯`(>▂<)´¯`·. Besides the whole sadistic vibe and whatnot; darn Ryusei was a bummer at least for me!! Also do not buy all the extra scenarios specifically Chapter 9: Extra Scene 8 "A Place of Memories"; when I did some of them were like super short, like a scene with nothing on it!! I was angry, wasting money man!! Will complain about that... anyway... overall was a bit interesting, here's what I figured out, by chapter 9; you have to  officially pick only 1 guy. You will earn 'Black Fate' if you pick Ryo and only him, why? Not sure.
So here's what a few nice people have figured out and kindly shared their knowledge on the game.

1) 'Black Fate' will be added when you pick Ryo's route if you pick Ryusei they will not add the black fate, why? I have no idea! 
Also chic is not 'bad' (depends on how you view the ending and your personal opinion), in my personal opinion go ahead if you want to get all the chic points, I will be doing the routes all over again and comparing them.

Deep Love End
Affection 125+

Crazed Love EndAffection 125- Chic 65+
(not sure which one so , if you are aiming for this route best bet is to get 65!)

Absolute Love End
Affection (-125) and chic (-55)  


I believe this route is the bad end, compared to the other two!
Reminder you will earn "Black Fate" for Ryo not for Ryusei! 
What does it do, or why Ryo and not Ryusei? I have no idea!!

3) Don't buy all extra scenarios, since brief  repeats of chapters before/after
4) Make sure you pick the right guy!!

Starstruck Love 【Dating sim】 - screenshot

As of now I have not decided who to choose, or more like I did, I was aiming for Ryo but now I am kinda leaning for Ryusei.
(o_ _)o

Below is what I have figured out so far:

PS: Recommend getting chic pts, I believe is not a 'bad' ending, maybe just an extra/extension of deep love end/ or not so much of a happy ending, like you would would expect, but again it all depends on you!(Though I could be wrong!)

R or K, Chapter 1: Beware of Approaching Pop Stars


(1) Ryusei, I'm sorry. (+5 Ryusei) 
(2) H-hey, wait a minute.
(3) Okay, let's go. (+5 Ryo) 


(1) (My heart is pounding.) (+5 Ryo) 
(2) (That tickles.)
(3) (I shouldn't let myself get excited...!) 


(1) I'll be fine. 
(2) Thank you. (+5 Ryusei) 
(3) If I ever need help, I'll come talk to you.


(1) (Now that's going to be on my mind.) (+5 chic) 
< I am not sure if chic is bad or good? As of now I don't even know what it means!
(2) (I wonder how Ryusei feels about that?)
(3) (She was only saying that to curb me.)

R or K, Chapter 2: Pop Stardom Begins


(1) ...
(2) I'm okay.
(3) Thank you. (+5 Ryo)


(1) I'm too embarrassed to speak.
(2) I ask him for advice about getting work.(+5 Ryusei)
(3) I change the subject.


(1) Say nothing. (+5 Chic Level)
(2) Please, stay back.
(3) Aren't you a little close.

**(2.11-2.12): Ryo or Ryusei Love Route (Affection level: 15+)** 

(make sure you pick the right guy that you want i picked Ryo by mistake.... Darn names that almost sound the same!!) 


(1) You don't need to worry that much for me.(+5 Ryo)
(2) I'm okay.
(3) Thank you. (+5 Ryusei)

R or K, Chapter 2: 14  Extra Scene: "Individual Lessons" - Ryusei Route

If you have platinum you can view an extra scenario depending on the character. 

R or K, Chapter 3: First Date


(1) Thank him normally
(2) Thank him bashfully (+5 Ryusei)
(3) Thanks him with a smile.


(1) As a matter of fact, yes. (+5 Ryo)
(2) No.
(3) Aren't you just imagining things? (+5 Ryusei)

**3.5-3.6: Ryo's Love Route ( You need affection 25+)**

**3.9-3.10: Ryusei's Love Route (You need affection 30+)**

(1) What are you doing?
(2) What's wrong? (+5 Chic Level)
(3) What are you doing here?


(1) That's none of your business.
(2) Why are you asking?
(3) Well, I...  (+5 Ryo)

R or K, Chapter 4: Secret Anguish


(1) Look away.
(2) Stare at him. (+5 Ryo)
(3) Close your eyes.

(4:2) - (4:3) : Ryo's Love Route (Affection 30+)


(1) Don't laugh at me.
(2) You're horrible. (+5 Chic Level)
(3) What did I do?

4.5: Ryo's (Still) (Affection 35+)

Ryo or Ryusei, Chapter 4: 5 Extra Scene: "My Mark"


(1) Don't worry, I have them memorized.
(2) Since my scenes are with you, I'll be fine... (+5 Ryusei)
(3) Looks like I have some studying to do.


(1)  (+5 Ryo)
(3) (+5 Ryusei)

(4:14) - (4:15): Ryusei's Love Route (Affection 40+)

R or K, Chapter 5: More than Friends, Not Quite a Couple


(1) Everything's fine!
(2) Well, sometimes I have problems... (+5 Ryusei)
(3) I'm okay for now.

(5:5) - (5:6): Ryusei's Love Route (Affection 45+)


(1) But...
(2) (I don't... like this.)
(3) I don't like this. (+5 Chic Level)

(5:12) - (5:13) : Ryo's Love Route (Affection 40+)


(1)It's nit that I hate you... (+5 Ryo)
(2) I'm mad at you.
(3) What if I do?


(1)(Is this true?) (+5 Ryo)
(2) (I'm so happy...) (+5 Ryusei)
(3) (Thanks, Father)

R or K, Chapter 6: A Need Possess


(1)That's up to you, Ryo.
(2) I want you to be nice to me. (+5 Ryo)
(3) I can't smile for you.

(6:3) - (6:4) : Ryo or Ryusei Love Route (Affection 50+)


(1)Please, look at me. (+5 Ryusei)
(2)Please, say something.
(3) (Does he hate me now?)


(1) (I feel a little uneasy about this...)
(2) I'm honored.
(3) I'm really glad, too! (+5 Chic Level)

R or K, Chapter 6: Extra Scene 9 " I want to control Everything"


(1) (Was it Ryo himself?) (+5 Ryusei)
(2) (Maybe Ryusei) (+5 Ryo)
(3) (Did the Paparazzi see us!?)

R or K, Chapter 7: Temptation, Drama, Action


(1) (I'm a bit flattered...) (+5 Chic Level)
(2) (Why...?)
(3) (I'm a bit scared.)


(1) (Is he doing this for me?)
(2) (Is he coming to my rescue?) (+5 Ryo)
(3) (I had no idea he could be like this...)

7.7-7.8: Ryo or Ryuusei Love Route (Affection 60+)

R or K, Chapter 7: Extra Scene " It's Time To practice kissing"


(1) I'd love to go to dinner with you... But,  (+5 Ryusei)
(2) I appreciate the offer, but,
(3) I'm sorry, I can't.


(1) (Mr. Kujo said...)
(2) ( I wish there were something I could do) (+5 Ryusei)
(3) (What should I do) (+5 Ryo)

R or K, Chapter 8: Confessions and then...

8.1: Ryusei's (Still) (Affection 75+)

R or K, Chapter 8: Extra Scene 1 "With a little Force"


(1) Not Really...
(2) Of course not. (+5 Ryo)
(3) You're being too self- conscious.


(1) (He'd for that much for me...) (+5 Chic Level)
(2) (I'm glad he came to my rescue, but ...)
(3) (I'm scared...)


(1) I don't know... (+5 Ryo)
(2) It doesn't concern you, Ryo. (+5 Ryusei)
(3) (Ryo might be lying.)


(1) Yes, I'm fine!
(2) Oh... Well, actually, (+5 Ryusei)
(3) ( I don't want to worry him...)


(1) Ryo's Route
(2) Ryusei's Route

Make sure to pick the right one!!  Ryusei's Arc is after Ryo's.
(Opinion: Ryo's extra scenes or his scenes in general  remind me of "Fifty shades of Grey"  

Chapter 9 Ryo's Route

Chapter 9: How Much Hidden, How Much Shown


(1)"You overheard!?"
(2) "I don't want a reward."
(3) "That's not what I was trying to do..." (+5 Ryo)


(1) (What should I do...?
(2) (I'm so drawn to him.) (+5 Ryo)
(3) (I can't ...)

(9:11) - (9:12): Ryo's Love Route (Affection 90+)


(1) (It's over now.) (+5 Chic Level)
(2) (It was horrible...)
(3) (If only I could have just been patient.)


(1) (I was nervous, but...) (+5 Ryo)
(2) "It was nothing."
(3) "It was just a kiss..."

Chapter 10: Warm, Comforting Lips


(1) "For real?
(2) "Thank you" (+5 Ryo)
(3) "Why do you know that?"


(1) "Please stop..."
(2) "I don't like this."
(3) (Why is he being so kind?) (+5 Ryo)

(10:9) - (10:10): Ryo's Love Route; (Still) (Affection 105+)


(1) (He seems different from usual...) (+5 Ryo)
(2) (There's the Ryo I know.)
(3) (What happened to the Ryo from earlier?)


(1) (I hate this...)
(2) (It's all my fault...)(+5 Chic Level)
(3) (I wonder if it's my fault...)

Chapter 11: Despair Turns to Hope

Chapter 11: 3 Extra "Behind the Words"


(1) "How can you talk like that?"
(2) (I'm not backing down.) (+5 Ryo)
(3) "Is that all you have to say?"


(1) "Please leave."
(2) "Why are you here."
(3) (He seems different this time.) (+5 Ryo)

(11:11) - (11:12): Ryo's Love Route (Affection 120+)

11.11 (Love Route)

(1) "You are right, but ..."
(2) "You may have a point, but ..." (+5 Ryo)
(3) "But, you are my brother."

Chapter 11: 12 Extra "Must Have"


(1) (Who is he?)(+5 Chic Level)
(2) (He's scaring me...)
(3) (Is he my fan...?)

**Ryo's route END**

Chapter 9 Ryusei's Route

Kazuki, Chapter 9: A Time of Happiness

9.2-9.3: Ryusei's Love Route (Affection 85+)


(1)(Will he kiss me on the lips again...?) (+5 Ryusei)
(2) (Maybe my forehead this time....?)
(3)(Anywhere Kazuki kisses me is sure to be wonderful...)


(1) But I don't think I can...
(2) If you say so...
(3) You're Right! (+5 Ryusei)


(1) (Just for a bit...)
(2) (I can't do this...!)(+5 Ryusei)
(3) (What should I do...)


(1) Don't worry I'm Yours.(+5 Chic Level)
(2) You don't need to worry.
(3) I can understand why you're worried.

Kazuki, Chapter 10: The Reason For Suffering:


(1) (What's wrong w/ him?)
(2) (Probably my imagination.)
(3) Kazuki, what's wrong? (+5 Ryusei)


(1) (Stop...!)
(2) (Wh-what should I do?)
(3) (Kazuki can do whatever he pleases to me...) (+5 Chic Level)

(10:7) - (10:8): Ryusei's Love Route (Affection 100+)

10.8 (Love Route)

(1) I'm Okay w/ anything... as long it's w/ you. (+5 Ryusei)
(2) P-please give me some more time...
(3) (I can't tell him that....)

10.8 (Non Love Route!)

(2) (+5 Ryusei)


(1) Tell him the truth. (+5 Ryusei)
(2) Too scared to answer.
(3) Tell him you saw nothing.

Kazuki, Chapter 11: The True Starting Line


(1) Are you okay....?
(2) Kazuki...
(3) ... (+5 Ryusei)


(1) Pat his back.
(2) Hug him back. (+5 Ryusei)
(3) Do nothing.

11.8: Ryusei's (Still) (Affection 120+)


(1) (He must be worried.)
(2) (I wonder what's wrong?)
(3) (What horrible timing...) (+5 Chic Level)


(1) Hug him tightly.
(2) Stop talking.
(3) Continue to encourage him. (+5 Ryusei)

Ryusei's route END

shugo chara ikuto photo:  yoru7.png
If I made any mistakes; please do let me know! Will update when I have a chance!
Hope everyone has an awesome Valentine's Day!!
Have a great week everyone!! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ 

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  1. Awesome, thanks for the extra scene!!

  2. I do not know how to get black fate!! After we finish and reset does all the scenes we have gotten disappear!?

  3. Does anyone know if we reset after we are done with Route, does the scenes we have acquired disappear too? Also if paid with platinum, those that also reset? Or can you still keep that at least?

    1. the extra scenes that are paid with platinum doesn't get reset you get to keep them they are stored in scenarios section

      only the main story and affection levels get reset when you replay the game!

    2. That makes complete sense!!

  4. I reached the end and about the black fate I believe it is automatically given to you when you reach the ending because there was no indication or anything given when I was playing the game

    1. Hello blog author it's me again I finally figured out how you get the 1 point for the black fate! I just finished playing shion and toma characters and for this route there is something different and that is the "white fate"

      So how do you get the 1 point? Well, I found out that, after you make the choice for either the shion arc or toma arc you end up getting 1 point in the white fate!

      I believe this is the same for the black fate!

    2. Thanks for clearing that up for me!!! Maybe I just never noticed when it was added in; it makes better sense now... now I wonder... whats the point for? I wonder if I start all over again would the story be different? Also wonder if chic is bad or good?

    3. no problem ^^

      I ended up replaying the shion and toma route and when I selected toma there was no point given in the white fate this time

      so now it's clear if you choose shion you get 1 point in the white fate and when you choose toma you get 0 point it's really weird I don't know why the developers did this

      when played the toma route I on purposely bought 10+ chic points so my total chic points was 65 and I got something called "crazed love ending" it was a really weird ending in my opinion... I didn't play the deep love ending for toma so I have no clue what the difference is

      my guess is that the mad love ending is supposed to be the premium ending because you have to pay to get it...I noticed when I was playing the ryo route and with the help from your walkthrough I was only able to get the deep love ending

    4. Very much appreciated!
      Hmm... yeah... That also happened to me too, I played Toma and got nothing on fate.. My friend read somewhere.... Deep Love End= Affection 125+; Crazed Love End= Chic 55+ ; Absolute Love End Affection (-125) and chic (-55).
      The walkthrough you can also pick the opposite to get a special route, either by avoiding chic, or picking it or getting less/more affection points for a person in order to reach the end.
      For Toma... darn I'm forgetting what was the ending... well after the whole kidnapping scene... he takes her to her room... ask a bunch of questions if i am OK, or if the dude did anything, after biting her for a while... then he says he cant be together with her or he will hurt her, heroine says she wont let him and trusts him, guy is like I'm scared i will break you, she says it fine... in the end... they both say they love each other... and that's it!
      Was rather disappointed...
      As of now, love Ryo... only for the fact that he seems more interesting in his story (Ryusei was rather a crybaby in my opinion) ... only for that reason...
      (all the guys are jerks and sadistic in their own way, and the heroine she is definitely an 'M'! I have not played Shion yet >my friend is in love w/him).
      So will see what happens, will play first all deep love then start all over again and try out Crazed Love end.

    5. Oh the crazed love ending for toma was pretty much like the ending you described. The only difference was that the girl naively said "yes" and then he bite her all over and she enjoyed it o_O *cough* >_<;; In the end they both continued with their careers and then she went to his room and asked him to make more marks on her body where people can't see it... that's pretty much it from what I remember

      I found the ending rather disturbing... >_>;;;

      Oh yeah! just in case if your interested, I replayed shions route and the points I got was 126 affection, 58 chic and 1 white fate that only gave me the deep love ending so I guess you need around 60 - 65 in chic to get the mad or crazed love ending

      I'm going to test this out again since that I have platinum so lets see if 60 does the job and I'll tell you tomorrow lolz

      Also, I can understand why your friend likes shion he is probably the sweetest character in the game...

      Ryo in my opinion was weird at first maybe he did that get her attention? He ended up being pretty sweet though so yeah I like Ryo and Shion the most for this game I didn't play Ryusei yet but I will soon just for curiosities sake hehe ^^;;

      I feel stupid for asking you this... but what do you mean by the heroine being an "M"??

    6. Ryusei.... was a bit of a crazy possessive my opinion... but like you said, i will play every route just because i am curious that and also now that i am back at work, everyone is overly excited and acting all lovey dovey for v-day; need some type of distraction.
      If not I will go crazy!!
      hmmm.... maybe the overall difference is that she really becomes masochistic (M) on that route ( and no it was not a dumb question)... well will try out crazed love ending for Ryo now... will see what happens! And if he still remains my fav!!

    7. I finally finished ryusei the story for his route was kinda boring for me I ended up skimming a lot of parts cause I got impatient and the guy made me feel like he was whinning and complaining like a little kid o_O

      oh yeah I ended up getting deep love with 125 affection, 61 chic and 0 for black fate

      so it's yes you need exactly 65 points to obtain the mad or crazed love ending ^^;;

      your not alone I just usually find something to do... I'll probably play some games or watch some korean dramas ^^;;

      oh so that's what it stands for hehe thanks for clearing that up but aren't most of these games the girls always end up acting or behaving a certain way? It bothers me that they write stories like this but oh well can't take it seriously might as well just take it as entertainment I guess.. >_>;;

      I'm gonna try to get the crazed love endings later on for ryo and shion but not gonna bother for ryusei cause he gets on my nerves lol

    8. Aya it's me again! I have something really important to tell you, so ok I replayed Ryo with 129 affection, 65 chic and 1 in black fate and I didn't achieve the crazed love ending.

      I was really disappointed and angry. How come for one of the routes I was able to get it, and the other I couldn't? I'm starting to think that some of the routes either doesn't have the crazed love ending, or you need more points. Either way, it doesn't make any sense at all and it's pissing me off now.

      Ugh I hope you didn't buy the points yet, but if you did don't worry I know a way to get you re-compensated for the 600 platinum that was wasted because of me.

    9. I figured out exactly how to get the crazed love end you need 120 or under in affection and 65 in chic!

      I just viewed Ryo's crazed love end and it wasn't good in my opinion... it was very sadistic and masochistic and the last CG picture is different from the deep love end.

      Personally, I prefer the deep love end... I gotta see Shion's crazed love end next since I figured out how to get it now hehe

    10. Yeah my friend figured it out as well, I just have not been able to update, though thanks for letting me know this kinda confirms what we found out!!! YAY!! Since we were kinda getting angry after playing the same route over and over again, we had to play the same route 4 times!!! Honestly preferred Ryo in his deep love ending too. Also viewed Shion's crazed love ending, he is so creepy w/ his pictures, and talking to himself like a crazy person ( I mean people are watching)!!!! I never really liked the big brother characters..... or maybe it's just me. Thanks again for the help!!!!

    11. That makes it incredible sense.... I have already gotten the deep love end now I am curious in getting the crazed love end!!! Will then pick all choices with only 3+ in order not to reach the affection pts!

    12. No problem Aya I'm glad I could help!

      LOL really that sounds interesting! Well, I find that Shion is pretty harmless all he does is admire her. I think that he talks to himself because he has no one else to talk to and he is afraid of how others think of him. Plus he is the eldest son so he has to bear more responsibility than the other 2 brothers.

    13. Finally read Shion's crazed love ending... it was messed up just like all of the other characters only difference was that it didn't have any physical abuse...

      Yes I agree with you he is kinda creepy for taking her pictures secretly but the good thing was that he never hurt her and he never forced himself on her unlike the other characters. So far he seems to me the best character in the game.

      However, whoever that wrote these endings must have some issues or some screws loose!

      Oh well I'm not gonna bother with Ryusei's crazed end because I have a feeling that I won't like it and plus I can't stand Ryusei's character...

      It's too bad because I have never come across an otome game that has a strong and smart heroine.

    14. Thank you for all your help!!! Was greatly appreciated!!! Though have to admit not my favorite game... at least for my friend I (Though she is in love w/ Shion like mad!). I still don't like the older brother characters in most otome's... never likes the big bro and lil sis relationship... I am probably i weird person! Anyway... Super happy for helping me out, I actually finished all routes, I even ended up getting a bad end for Toma, did not do properly my MATH!!! LOL! Whooops!
      Either way; this type of game is actually super popular in Japan at the moment...
      Maybe because Japanese girls want something different from the norm...
      At least it entertains me for a good 5mins during my hectic work day!

    15. No problem! I'm going to bookmark your blog cause I like the walkthroughs that you post ^^

      No your not weird! It does seem weird to have a relationship with your brother cause your supposed to be family! but oh well the good thing about this story was that they were not blood related... so it made it kinda acceptable.

      Oh I didn't know that! In the end these games does serve their purpose and that is to entertain hehe

  5. Danke vielmals

  6. Mille fois Merci!!

  7. I need a codeee pleasee x.x

  8. Hi, I think I ended up with an ending that wasn't listed here for ryusei. I got extreme love with an affection of 117 and chic of 48 with no black fate. Have you gotten this ending before?

    1. Yeah Ryusei in general does not get black fate just like Toma does not get white fate.
      I have no clue!

      Only Ryo gets black fate and Shion gets white fate.
      Maybe the other two are sub characters? Not sure.
      You probably got the bad ending. >_<

  9. I'm not sure if my previous post went through, but Ryusei's first answer (9.4) is wrong. That only gives 3 points, not 5. I'm not sure what the actual answer is to get 5 points, but I assume it's the last one.

  10. I ended up with an Extreme Love's end (Ryo Route)... i mean, why do we have to die?! is there a way for them to be alive? :( Loved Ryo, though... <3 which end can they both be alive? Please tell meeeee!! ^_^

    1. You probably did not meet the requirements. You ended up getting the bad ending. The other 2 endings you don't die.
      Deep Love End= Affection 125+;
      Crazed Love End= Chic 55+ ;
      Extreme(Absolute) Love End Affection (-125) and chic (-55). < Which is the ending you got.

      To me personally, I loved Crazed love end; just because its more interesting. Spice things up a bit. then the happy ending.

  11. Help... After I read all the comments, I want to try the crazed love end. But you said we need exactly 65 chic points but when I count how many maximum chic points we can get with the walkthrough, turns out we can only get 55 chic points. Or is it okay with 55+ instead? :(

    1. Yes we meant 55+; when we did this walkthrough it was when the game just came out and we were trying to figure everything out.
      In more simple terms, is just get all the chic points you can get, in order to get crazed love ending, it has to be higher than your affection points.
      Deep Love End= Affection 125+;
      Crazed Love End= Chic 55+ ;
      Extreme(Absolute) Love End Affection (-125) and chic (-55)

  12. Which ending should I try to go for? I have played Shions route, but I can't remember what ending I got. Also how do I get chic? I am a total newbie to this game and I am looking for some direction.

    1. Hi K!

      Well they are all pretty messed up.
      So it just depends.
      If you want the happy ending then just aim for all the right answers for guy you want.= pick the +5 answers...

      Deep Love End= Affection 125+; = Happy Ending

      Crazed Love End= Chic 55+ ; = Crazy Ending, where he is in control.

      Extreme(Absolute) Love End Affection (-125) and chic (-55)= bad ending

      So each ending has its story, its actually quite interesting... I actually preferred the craze love end, just cause...
      maybe because i was not a huge fan of the MC.

    2. Thank you! It helped big time :)

  13. 9.4 for ryusei is wrong 1) is +3 not +5

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Its such a great game they schould make something like Starstruck love 2

    1. Yes!!!!! Can somebody write them an e-mail????

  16. Ryusei Route..
    Kazuki, chapter 9. A time of happiness.
    9.4.. (will he kiss me on the lips again)... Gives only +3 points.