What is this blog about!?!

Chel q(^u^)p: 

Hi everyone Chel here! Well if you are wondering what this blog is all about, well just like the main title says, it's a lil about everything really. Is just random topics, from politics to beauty tips, to music to even some crazy lil adventures that Aya and I had experienced. Maybe our stories might even have a moral lesson, somewhere, though, I bet the main lesson would probably be, don't do whatever we did, XD. Even get to talk about love and maybe give each other some advice.

So anyway thanks for so far reading this blog!!!!

Anyway; hopefully I have answered your question on what this blog is all about. Hopefully you will be entertained somewhat; and get you; one to read, since everyone knows that reading is very good for you lol and two; to maybe get you away from the usual routine of maybe work or school, or being at home all the time. Hopefully this blog will have something different at least once a week. I will post random websites that I might have found while I am at it, so do check them out. 

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Thanks again everyone for taking the time and reading this, will soon update and start posting on random topics!! 



  1. Talk about random such a cute title, will be checking once in a while sounds interesting. Politics, lol. ^u^

  2. Luv the title!!