Sleepless Cinderella Party: Ryoichi Hirose Walkthrough

Sleepless Cinderella: PARTY!
Ryoichi Hirose Walkthrough
My Invitation Code: 325b9bb0
Contributors: Panda101; Lily; Amanda; Mochi; Akane

Episode 1: A Dream Come True

A: Apologize.

A: I shake my head no in shock.

Episode 2: Best Laid Plans

2. (Part 1)
C: Don’t give up.

2. (Part 2)
B: “I won’t dignify that with an answer.”

Episode 3: Who’s That Woman?

3. (Part 1)
A: “Of course not.”

3. (Part 2)
A: “Is that bad?”

Episode 4: What Readers Want

4. (Part 1)
B: “I’ll do my best.”

4. (Part 2)
C: “I think you probably are.”

Episode 5: The Writer Ryoichi Naruse

5. (Part 1)
A: “We’re just working together.”

5. (Part 2)
B: “It’s just as I expected.”

Episode 6: Mystified

6. (Part 1)
A: “I’m not your toy to play with.”

6. (Part 2)
C: “I don’t really need to go on a date.”

Episode 7: The Trip

7. (Part 1)
A: “If you say so.”

7. (Part 2)
C: “It’s because I’m with you.”

Episode 8: A Party to Remember

8. (Part 1)
A: I Nod.

8. (Part 2)
C: “Of course he’s not my type.”

Episode 9: Riddles

9. (Part 1)
A: “I want to talk to you about something.”

9. (Part 2)
C: I answer noncommittally.

Episode 10: The Scandal

10. (Part 1)
B: “I have no idea…”

10. (Part 2)
B: “He’d never plagiarize someone else’s work.”

Episode 11: A Moral Question

11. (Part 1)
A: Keep quiet

11. (Part 2)
B: “I have to go apologize to him.”

Episode 12: The Last Resort

12. (Part 1)
B: “I had no idea.”

12. (Part 2)
C: “I can’t forgive him.”

Episode 13: Best Allies

13. (Part 1)
B: “It’s kind of a long story, but…”

13. (Part 2)
C: “It’s okay.”

Episode 14: Face-Off

14. (Part 1)
B: “All I wanted was the truth.”

14. (Part 2)
B: … Hug Ryoichi.


  1. Thank you for the help yo your team and contributors!! It is greatly appreciated! I needed a ton of help, was almost behind in some points, but your walkthrough helped me get back on track!
    BTW I love the new that you have for your playlist, I actually play it while doing work or for the walkthrough, makes it more enjoyable. Happy White Day!

  2. thank you for the helping me.