Voltage Coming Soon Routes!

 Happy New Year!
"A huge thank you to all of you, our fans, for playing Voltage's games and loving Voltage characters!
We've got a LOT of exciting things in store for you in 2015 so keep your eyes peeled!
What do you say we welcome in the new year with a whole flock of sexy men to ogle at?
Hm... What do you call a group of sexy men?
Let's call it a Voltage of sexy men.
Look! It's the character ranking! We've got a Voltage of sexy men!
Check out the year's very first character ranking!!"- Voltage Staff
Anyone notice 'Character' is missing an 'H', totally irrelevant but just needed to point that out!
Eisuke is first place... guess he earned it. Though I still love Soryu!!!

"An Ichinomiya always pays his debts.
At last I am in my rightful place!
I wonder what Soryu did with that fox...? "

"Thank you for your continued support.
It's all rather flattering.
Allow me to give you a proper
thank you later. "

"Ladies, thank you for your support!
But really, criminals everywhere,
plus a stick-in-the-mud policeman,
what's a guy to do?
Maybe I should get Yuriko to...! "

"*cough cough!*
You scared the crap outta me!
I nearly choked to death...! Wh-Whatever!
I-I don't even care
about this stupid ranking anyway...! "

"I never knew you felt this way.
Th-Thank you...
What? You want a reward...?
Wait until after class. "

 Coming Soon January 2015!!!!!

 Coming Soon February 2015!!
Kazuki Serizawa (MC ex boyfriend)!
Super Excited!! Totally want to see the background story and see what happens next!! Though it really makes me angry to find out my EX is doing so well besides being so HOT, though I admit not that evil to wish him the worst. I contradict myself! Oh well!

Coming Soon Overview!!!


Hope this helps in answering your question on upcoming Voltage routes. Tried my best to get everything together and not make it so confusing, also not sure if I'm right.... but a new game is coming out called; 'I Fell in Love with a Star Prince' though not sure when... So a ton of stuff coming out. A lot of money $$$! It's worth it though!! Anyway sorry if I replied late to all the msg's. Don't usually update on Voltage stuff unless it's KBTBB or something that I really love for example SORYU! HAHAHA! Anyway if I made a mistake somewhere please do let me know! If you have any question or updates on Voltage games visit their Voltage Facebook page for more information just click the link below! Stay safe, and hope you have a good start in the new year!


  1. Wish you all the best as well!!
    These Voltage Guys are way too hot!!! >.< XD

  2. Love the music Miss AYA and her Team!!! Hope you have A great year!!! Looking forward to new updates to your blog!!! - Jen