A Girl with too many Guy friends...

Recently received several emails asking me random questions!

"Why do you only have 'guy friends'?"
"Do you have 'girl friends' or 'guy friends'?"
Not sure why I was asked these questions... still wondering... but anyway here's my answer; simply because I get along with the guys, I was surrounded by boys since I was a baby, there was no girls; well except 2 female cousins and 16 guy cousins.
Plus girls don't seem to like me much; even family wise... I always manage to get on their bad side, even before I speak to them. But whatever I just brush it off and move on.
I do have few close girl friends by my side and my awesome group of buddies who are always there. So I do have friends on both sides just more on the guys side.

If this does not really answer your question this video will!

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