Happy Kiss Day!

Happy Kiss Day!!!

What is Kiss DAY?!?!

The name says it all. 
This is also a good day to confess your feelings to a crush and start a new relationship with a smooch. 
In South Korea, the 14th of every month is a love-related holiday. 

For example, Valentine’s Day is on February 14th, the same day it’s celebrated in most other countries. In June, Kiss Day is celebrated! Couples kiss to confirm their love for each other. Romantic, huh? 

Many companies, ranging from lipstick brands to breath mint makers, do their best to capitalize, offering special promotions.

C-Clown Shares Proper Etiquette Couples Should Follow on “Kiss Day”

Six-member boy group C-Clown made a fun and easy way for couples to remember proper etiquette for “Kiss Day,” which takes place on June 14 in Korea.

On June 13, the members shared a fun digital pamphlet with three rules couples should be mindful of when going about displaying their affection in public. 

The three steps are:

Step 1: Excessive physical contact is prohibited  

Step 2: Don’t talk so loudly  

Step 3: Don’t disturb others 

 cclown kiss day 2

They’ve added a bonus rule for lovers to observe: excessive public display of affection is prohibited.

cclown kiss day

Meanwhile, C-Clown is currently working hard on its album that’s planned to be released in early July.- BTW: Crown Clown IS AWESOME!!

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