Sweet Scandal: Amasawa Kaito Walkthrough


Ikemen Michakushuzai

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Chapter 1: Premonition of Storm 4

  1. I started to feel sad... 
  2. I was so shocked...
  3. I mustn’t let him win... (+5)

Chapter 1.9 ~ Premonition of Storm~
  1. Listen seriously. (+5)
  2. Beg for an explanation.
  3. Nod your head.

Chapter 1.13 ~ Premonition of Storm~ ... (^o^)

Chapter 1: Premonition of Storm 14
  1. Praise him.
  2. Admire him.
  3. Help as best you can. (+5)


Chapter 2: His Real Face 5
  1. Call the police.
  2. For the time being, look for him. (+5)
  3. Try and call his name loudly.
Chapter 2: His Real Face 10
  1. Ask him. (+5)
  2. Don’t say anything.
  3. Stay guarded.
Chapter 2: His Real Face 12
  1. That’s the only reason.
  2. I would help anyone in distress.
  3. It might be for other reasons too. (+5)


Chapter 3: Heart's Voice 4
  1. Casually continue working.
  2. Stay Silent.
  3. Tell Yui off. (+5)
 Chapter 3.7 (Dramatic Route) ~ Heart's Voice~
Chapter 3: Heart's Voice 9
  1. Say you’re worried about the clothes.
  2. Say you’re happy for the time being.
  3. Say you think about your work. (+5)
Chapter 3: Heart's Voice 15
  1. Be honest with my feelings. (+5)
  2. Try not to realize.
  3. Reconsider.


Chapter 4: Drag Heaven Down 4

<< ^^

Chapter 4: Drag Heaven Down 5
  1. What should I do?
  2. I have to warn them
  3. I have to rescue him. (+5)
Chapter 4: Drag Heaven Down 7
  1. He was just joking.
  2. I don’t know.
  3. I want to believe it’s not a joke. (+5)
Chapter 4.8 (Still) ~ Drag Heaven Down~
Chapter 4: Drag Heaven Down 14
  1. Give it your all.
  2. I hope you enjoy the article.
  3. See you in a few days. (+5)


Chapter 5.4 (Still) ~ Love~

Chapter 5: Love 5
  1. .Stay silent.
  2. Watch him intently. (+5)
  3. Lie.
Chapter 5: Love 6 (awww... just before he turns into a jerk!!)

Chapter 5: Love 10
  1. Drink.
  2. Focus on him.
  3. Eat loads. (+5)
Chapter 5.12 (Dramatic Route) ~ Love~

Chapter 5: Love 13
  1. Turn away. (+5)
  2. Get angry.
  3. Hide your body with your hands.


Chapter 6: Men and Women 5
  1. Lie
  2. Deny everything
  3. Tell him the truth. (+5)
Chapter 6: Men and Women 10
  1. I would never betray you. (+5)
  2. I don’t know.
  3. No one wants to betray another person.
Chapter 6: Men and Women 15
  1. Say nothing
  2. Thank him.
  3. Tell him you also trust him. (+5)


Chapter 7: Waning Moon 4
  1. Stay quiet.
  2. You’re fine.
  3. You want more of him. (+5)
Chapter 7.5 (Still) ~ Wanning Moon~
Chapter 7: Waning Moon 10
  1. Ask Akina.
  2. Get flustered.
  3. Read the article. (+5)
Chapter 7: Waning Moon 15
  1. The tears won’t stop.
  2. Get up with as much effort as you can muster.
  3. Wait until you’ve recovered. (+5)


Chapter 8: Evidence 4
  1. Thank her.
  2. Thank her wholeheartedly.
  3. You’ll do your best too. (+5)
Chapter 8: Evidence 9
  1. I wanted to see you. (+5)
  2. Yeah.
  3. I tried calling you a lot.
Chapter 8.11 (Dramatic Route) ~Evidence~

Chapter 8: Evidence 15
  1. Be nice to her.
  2. Tell her it will be okay. (+5)
  3. Scold her severely.


Chapter 9: Heart's Wound 5
  1. I wanted to resolve the misunderstanding.
  2. I wanted to ask something.
  3. I only wanted to see him. (+5)
Chapter 9: 7 (Still) ~ Heart's Wound~
Chapter 9: Heart's Wound 8
  1. Say nothing. (+5)
  2. Ignore her.
  3. Complain.
Chapter 9: Heart's Wound 14
  1. We are not dating!
  2. It’s a secret!
  3. I will leave it up to your imagination. (+5)


Chapter 10: Theory of Happiness 5
  1. Hesitate.
  2. Have a little.
  3. Be grateful. (+5)
Chapter 10.8 (Still) ~ Theory of Happiness~
Chapter 10: Theory of Happiness 10
  1. There’s something more to ask.
  2. Say nothing.
  3. Think hard. (+5)
Chapter 10: Theory of Happiness 13
  1. Be sad.
  2. Be annoyed.
  3. Be indifferent. (+5)


Chapter 11: Tower 3
  1. There is no good reason.
  2. Is he ignoring the situation?
  3. As he wishes. (+5)
Chapter 11.4 (Dramatic Route) ~ Tower~

Chapter 11: Tower 9
  1. Say nothing.
  2. Just nod at people.
  3. Greet people too. (+5)
Chapter 11: Tower 12
  1. Walk next to him. (+5)
  2. Walk alone.
  3. Walk a little ways behind him.

Happy End 5 (Still)

First of all, I adore him, he was hilarious in some scenes with his smart remarks, so before chapter 8 I have to admit, I loved the story. not the best story but one of my favorites. After chapter 8, where he starts being mean to the heroine that's when I hated him.

  I honestly felt like he was using the heroine, physically and mentally; and just simply switched out of nowhere from nice mode to a total jerk! Then almost at the end, he makes everything better by simply saying, please forgive me I was confused and irritated, about his stepmother, so I took my anger in you, but now I am ok again. Though the dumb heroine never did anything about it!! Slap some sense into that man! Honestly if he was so gloomy and so hurt by his love and whatnot; he would not have done the same to the heroine, I mean come on, I totally understand the whole " have to be mean to you to protect you!" 
He could've just broken up with her if she was an eyesore, but no, he took advantage of her and her body!! 
Anyway... he is lucky he is so good looking!!! Yes shallow!! SO!! Maybe that's the reason why the heroine never broke it off? Overall I did like the beginning part of the story, somewhat since it made me laugh on a few lines! Plus have to admit I love AMASAWA, just because of his looks, and his sarcastic lines, though the ending wanted to punch the guy!!! And why didn't she get mad @ Yui, I mean come on!!
Though I would love to have a route for SHII!!! That would be awesome!!! I would totally play his route, and finding out more on his background! 
Well whatever; Route finally completed!
At least this story entertained me.

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