Ineternational Headline News For January 2013

Hello Everyone!! Happy Belated New year!!
It has been a long time since we popped up! So I am sure that everyone who was in school is officially back again!! YAY! ^u^
Oh well time sure flies by fast. Hope everyone had a fun time during the Holiday Season, Chinese New Year is just around the corner too, Valentines Day and Ash Wednesday! Hopefully everyone had a good time, maybe with family and friends or by yourselves relaxing away, either way its all good as long as everyone is safe!

Now we have to go back to the real world and work and study, or work or study either way life is not easy no matter how you look at it. C'est la vie!
Anyway this not the time to complain!! Moving on.

So as the title explains I will be summarizing some of the important news that has been happening all over the world, for the first month of 2013!!

First up so President Obama is officially the President again.

As for Immigration!!

A bipartisan group of leading senators has reached agreement on the principles of sweeping legislation to rewrite the nation's immigration laws.

The deal, which was to be announced at a news conference Monday afternoon, covers border security, guest workers and employer verification, as well as a path to citizenship for the 11 million illegal immigrants already in this country.

Which is another closer step to a better tomorrow!!

According to documents obtained by The Associated Press, the senators will call for accomplishing four goals:

  • Creating a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants already here, contingent upon securing the border and better tracking of people here on visas.

  • Reforming the legal immigration system, including awarding green cards to immigrants who obtain advanced degrees in science, math, technology or engineering from an American university.

  • Creating an effective employment verification system to ensure that employers do not hire illegal immigrants.

  • Allowing more low-skill workers into the country and allowing employers to hire immigrants if they can demonstrate they couldn't recruit a U.S. citizen; and establishing an agricultural worker program.

In other news in Beijing!

Thick, off-the-scale smog shrouded eastern China for the second time in about two weeks Tuesday, forcing airlines to cancel flights because of poor visibility and prompting Beijing to temporarily shut factories and curtail fleets of government cars.

The capital was a colorless scene. Street lamps and the outlines of buildings receded into a white haze as pedestrians donned face masks to guard against the caustic air. The flight cancellations stranded passengers during the first week of the country's peak, six-week period for travel surrounding the Chinese New Year on Feb. 10.

While in North Korea...



SEOUL — North Korea threatened Friday to attack rival South Korea if Seoul joined a new round of tightened U.N. sanctions, saying it would regard this as "a declaration of war."

The reclusive North has this week declared a boycott of all dialogue aimed at ending its nuclear program and vowed to conduct more rocket and nuclear tests after the U.N. Security Council censured it for a December long-range missile launch.

On Thursday, Washington unveiled more of its own economic restrictions following Pyongyang's rocket launch last month.

Friday brought a third straight day of fiery rhetoric from the isolated communist state, this time directed against South Korea.

"'Sanctions' mean a war and a declaration of war against us," the North said.

Now we head on over to Mexico, yes Mexico where apparently they released a very "guilty lady"; when she was really   guilty but because of lack of evidence or the rights's  or so I'm told she was now free and flying back to France.

So now there has been much critique over that matter. Personally I feel that she was guilty, but I leave it up to you! Well here is a bit more info about the situation!

French woman's release stirs up anger in Mexico

Court ruling that freed Florence Cassez came in the midst of judicial reforms the nation is undertaking. But many Mexicans fear giving too many rights to defendants.

MEXICO CITY — In a country where citizens are regularly victimized by corrupt and abusive police, a court ruling freeing a woman from prison because of police mistreatment would seem welcome.

Instead, many Mexicans are outraged.

Ending a long legal case that had generated front-page headlines on two continents, the Mexican Supreme Court this week freed Florence Cassez, a 38-year-old French woman jailed for kidnapping, because authorities had trampled her right to due process.

Now we head on over to Brazil, where a terrible tragedy occurred in a Night Club...

Santa Maria, Brazil (CNN) -- The teacher who lost four students. The mother whose son died, while another clings to life. The photographer who survived but is haunted by guilt.

As the southern Brazilian city of Santa Maria began to buzz again Tuesday with cars and people, a somber mood still ruled the streets, where a nightclub fire claimed 234 lives on Sunday.

Just about at every corner you can hear exalted, angry voices in conversation about who is to blame for the massive blaze at the Kiss nightclub.

In addition to the 234 deaths -- the toll was updated Tuesday -- another 118 remained hospitalized, 75 of those in critical condition, Brazil's health ministry said.

In Santa Maria alone, 100 of the dead were buried Monday in three different cemeteries.

Now we head on over to Egypt…

(CNN) -- The political turmoil dividing Egypt threatens the future of the nation, the defense minister said, as the instability persists in the Arab world's most populous country.

"The ongoing conflict among the various political forces ... may lead to the collapse of the state and threaten the future of our coming generations," Defense Minister Gen. Abdul Fattah al-Sisi said Tuesday.

Anti-government protesters ignored Egyptian President Mohamed Morsy's curfew order in cities along the Suez Canal and clashed with police and troops, state-run media reported Tuesday.

And that's some news you need to know. For more information on a certain topic just click the link!
So hopefully you did not find this section rather boring but had you somewhat entertained and more aware on our surroundings, and neighboring countries. We have to be more open minded and less ignorant to the world right!

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