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Hey everyone!!! 

HaPpY CiNcO d’ MaYo! N ChIlDrEn’S dAy!!!

Isn’t it funny how 5 de Mayo is not really celebrated in Mexico, though this year is different since it's been I don't know how many years; yet in America it is almost celebrated. LOL! I just find that a bit hilarious!
May 5th is Japan's national holiday, Kodomo no hi (Children's Day). The Japanese word for "children" is "kodomo". It is a combination of the kanji characters for " ko" and " domo (tomo)".

Anyway, finals are soon coming up, and school is about to end, or in Japan, classes already ended and have started a new school year. Todai has not ended yet though. ^u^ Wish it did though!!

Sorry for the delay finals, being ill, and busy with work, takes all my spare time!
Hope everyone has been ok, for the past few weeks, also if it was your Birthday; then Happy Belated Birthday or Happy Soon Birthday!!!

Recently I have been messing around the web just goofing off trying to distract myself from my everyday routine, school, work, home, school, work, and home. So while I was at home I decided to just search through the internet saw a few funny videos, sent some to my friends and family. One video in particular got my attention! Apparently Aya has already seen these videos since back in High School. This was my first time watching these clips. These video clips was so crazy and scary, but kind of amazing all at the same time!!!

I have to admit was not able to sleep at all!!! Maybe because my fiancé was working abroad, and so it was just me alone around 11p.m, when I was watching this video. Or maybe is just because I’m simply a scaredy-cat when it comes to this stuff. Who knows!! XD

I’m going to post the videos anyway! Maybe you have already seen these videos maybe you have not. Maybe you thought it was stupid, and did not think it was scary. Or you just believe that it’s not real. Well real or not I think it’s pretty good!

Real or Fake!?! WHO KNOWS!?
So what did you think??
The next one was not too sure but still it did scare me!
Basically the whole talking part... The man being interviewed says this happened back in college, this is when they shot the video.
These people are celebrating something in the restaurant. They start to notice the woman and she appears to "be talking to air" and they began to feel she was very weird... They had to watch this video over and over before they decided to "report" it...
At the train station, the man in the brown shirt, committed suicide about three weeks later due to this... Supposedly. XD

Three More!

Last ONE!

Random videos I know! Well if you did see it, not saying they are real or fake but it's a good way to pass some time, when you are bored lol! I covered my ears in some parts especially on the last 2 videos, and was also going to cover my eyes as well but curiosity kills the cat right?
Anyway after that I was terrified for a few hours then I was ok. Fake or not, they sure bloody scared me!!!

Afterwards I later saw another video. I was speechless…
How many of you like Twilight Saga, the whole diamond sparkling vampire, who falls in love with this twitchy girl, who is always gloomy! Well they both seem like the gloomy type.
Anyway, not a fan of Robert who plays Edward Cullen, and I’m not especially a fan of Kristen, who plays Bella, Kristen at times looks like she’s constipated.

Back to the video, it is a about a girl who records herself and is talking about the latest movie that came out Breaking Dawn Part 1. BTW this is an old video, it’s when the trailers just came out and the movie has not premiered yet in theaters. This young lady is pretty much watching for the first time ever the trailers and she is recording her reactions. OMG!! I no bloody idea how someone can actually cry from seeing this. She must be a very dedicated fan, I give her props for that, but still isn’t that going a bit overboard, just for like a trailer that only lasts for maybe a minute. I mean you can have that reaction when watching the movie at least; but a trailer?

No worries Aya and I used to be huge fans of Twilight! LOL! We have all four books. I guess after we saw the first movie, then the second we were not so impressed anymore lol, and now we are not such fans, but I remember even when we were fans I don’t think we were a very dedicated fan. LOL! Anyway recommend this awesome cheesy love story; a total chick flicks if you have not yet seen it; watch one of the movies!

Thanks for taking the time and reading this blog!!!
Hope everyone has an awesome week!!

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  1. OMG!! THAT WAS FREAKIN SCARY!!! RECOMMEND the fourth and fifth video!!