Bidding For Love: Walkthrough

 Hey everyone; hope everyone is having great weather! 

Taking the chance to update the blog while waiting for my flight to Munich in Changi Airport.
The weather has not been very kind to me, but it has improved, love the weather in Singapore right now since it's nice and warm to bad that will change soon. Well not going to think about it right now, at least I have the chance to check my e-mails and finish up some homework, it's not so bad after all. 
Few of my friends have sent me so many silly videos, they seriously made me laugh so hard. So if you have nothing to do...
Will post them up at the end of the walkthrough... ^_^
Finally found the opportunity to update everything!! YAY!! And make the walkthrough for the new game!! Also fixed the Kyo walkthrough!! Sorry If I caused you to only get +1. SORRY! Have rechecked and all is correct now. So no worries!

  ¸..¸¸. Bidding For Love .¸¸..¸


Bidding for Love【Dating sim】 - screenshot

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Handsome men buy you at the Black Market...

Bidding for Love【Dating sim】 - screenshotBidding for Love【Dating sim】 - screenshot
 Download the game by clicking any of the picture above, it will take you to Google Play.
Pic's were by: truelighthikari; jillrosa; melodramatic-wallflower
I don't know about you guy's but, from all the Arithmetic games I have played, this game is very steamy... too steamy! I mean there' even a shower scene! If you do not like to read  you will on this one, and if you have no imagination, you probably will on this game. We will post some pics at the end of the walkthrough some are funny while others are q(0_0)p; I can honestly say when these scenes came up I was so surprised!! One of them I actually got embarrassed was on Kyo's extra scenes, I never noticed my bf and his friend behind me. Guess I was too focused on the game.

Things start getting interesting once you reach Chapter 4, in all character routes; with that said,  
This game caught me off guard was not expecting such detailed scenes, which was like OMG!!
I would say this game is for a MATURE Audience, especially if you are going to purchase the special scenario's; and even if you don't; well I  still say it is for mature audience. 
Viewer Discretion is Advised!
Also be aware that there is going to be still pictures at the end ALL the walkthrough's;
But for those who want more detail,  this game is right for you, and if you want further details, then go ahead and purchase the extra scenario's you won't regret it.  

In order to better organize the walkthroughs we have move each character to their own page. 

Just click the name of the character and it will take you to the walkthrough.




 Clearly if you are playing this game then there should be no complaints, plus spoiler alert, click to zoom in just an FYI :

MC clearly does not know her colors!

Violence... is never the answer...

What is up w/ his mom!! Totally reminded me of Diabolik Lovers.
If you have not passed Iriya's route and just saw the above pic; man, I bet that now you wanna know what is up with his route!

  >>> Bidding For Love Extra Scenes <<<

So if you have nothing else to do and have already done all your work, wasted all your free tickets for all the games, or waiting 4 hours just to read a scene for a game, and are bored to death, go ahead and watch a video. From the anime Free! I at least thought they were funny and cute in some scenes. Lot of creativity, that is for sure! Either way, hope everyone stays safe over Spring Break!


  1. cool I can use your invite code ^^;;;

  2. How can you figure out the right ones?

    1. Besides kinda looking at the guy's character and plot; I also have few of my friends that help me out with the walkthrough, (they are true experts!), since Chel an I mess it up quite a bit sometimes... anyway; we each pick the best answer and if we are wrong we alert the other person, kinda like that, one of them in particular, buys platinum a lot of it. So she gets ahead of the game. That and also, refresh button is your best friend, if you pick the wrong one before going any further where it shows you how much affection pts you earned you must refresh before that happens. Hope that answers your question!

    2. Oh, that would explain it. And the refresh strategy sounds like something I can do. Thanks for the answer!

    3. Glad it somewhat helps!! Best of luck!!

  3. chapter 1 part 2 "why me?" only gave me 1 point :'(

    1. Yeah me too! :(

    2. Sorry that was my fault!! It was number 2. How would i pay for it? I have rechecked the 2d answer it is correct; also fixed it! Very SORRY!!!

  4. i played kairi
    (1.) Why me? (the exact word)

    (1.) What are you doing?
    (2.) Stop it!
    (3.) ...... +5

    1. 1.15
      (1.) I will...
      (2.) I won't! +5
      (3.) ......

    2. Many thanks!! Glad to see it might not be exact wording but we are not wrong. Will update it though to make it easier for everyone many thanks!!!

  5. Thank you!!!! Truly love you!!!

    Totally random I know, get it random. yes im such a loser.

    but have a question well several besides the game, kinda off topic..
    one ... do you travel a whole lot?

    also how do you keep your skin so pretty!! i saw your profile in last fm, which is how i found your blog. (not a stalker)
    and well saw your comment and pic and super jealous on how your skin is so clear!!
    what is your secret!!!

    1. Thank you!

      No, worries.

      I have been traveling quite frequently.

      No secret, I just wash my face every night, and now besides face wash use toner and lotion, since my skin is getting older, and with the stress my face tends to dry.

      also i don't wear makeup, if i do is very minimal in meetings or when i have a huge gig, but even then just eyeshadow, and mascara and lip gloss and lip balm.
      that's it.

      I'm not very up to date on fashion Chel or my manager always help me out on that department lol.
      so no secret, just take care of your skin.

      oh btw i do wear concealer again when i have meetings or a date! have to cover the super dark circle's around my eyes, i don't sleep much due to work and school.
      so wear that when i have a meeting and don't want to look like a raccoon.

  6. Welc~
    (1). (Kuroki sure is cool.)
    (2). (Kairi is more impressive.) +5
    (3). (None of this seems real to me...)

    1. 2.11
      (1). Kuroki.
      (2). Kairi. (+5)
      (3). Neither...

    2. 2.18
      (1). (I must be dreaming.) (+5)
      (2). (This is a little awkward.)
      (3). (......)

    3. 2.27
      (1) It was really nothing...
      (2) I was going to the bathroom (+5)
      (3) I got lost...

      (1) I'm speechless.
      (2) I understand. (+5)
      (3) But...

    4. Very grateful for your assistance!!

    5. Nah, it's ok. thank you for ur walkthrough ^^
      (1). I can wash myself.
      (2). Let me wash you.
      (3). Please stop. (+5)

    6. Thank you super grateful for your help!! have been super busy and sometimes to lazy or sleepy to actually type out the whole thing now. ^^

  7. I played Iriya's route, most of the translations until ch 4 are close enough, thanks :) But 4.03 is a bit confusing somehow (for me at least lol)

    [1] I start to talk about the auction
    [2] I don't talk about the auction (+5)
    [3] ...

    1. Thank you either way!! Super appreciate the help!

  8. 4.05
    [1] No I'm not
    [2] Maybe I am (+5)
    [3] Please don't make fun of me.

    1. Kairi 3.20
      (1) Kuroki! (+5)
      (2) Amakawa!
      (3) Hiroto!

  9. Thanks!!!!!!!!! MAJOR TURN ON!!!

  10. This walkthrough is burning up!!! I am totally blushing!! Why can't my boyfriend be like that!! He clearly needs to play some of these games! Especially this one. JK --- (Or am I?) XD
    I am such a loser for being all giddy and happy.

    MC is weird, but she is ok compared to others like in OMI's Route I hate her she is so useless.

    Anyway love the post, walkthrough seems fine now at least to me.
    Thank y'all for the walkthrough and the people who the pics! You guys made my day!

  11. My invitation code- CTXGYD :) you will receive 100 platinum,the game is,really very interesting :)

  12. Why did i get the bad end following your Iriya route T_T...

    1. ...

      The walkthrough helped me for Iriya, so far no errors.
      You probably didn't start out right...
      They didn't have the walkthrough right at the beginning only for Kyo.
      Plus, they might have a few errors here and there but not enough to get you bad ending, also as you can see in the comments, everyone pitched in to point those out. ( They did have a warning that walkthrough was under construction)

      Before getting bad ending you should have used your gacha points to use for avatar clothes.

      If you were not getting good points you should have used another walkthrough or commented they are nice enough to change it or recheck it.

    2. i was just suprised, that's all :) i'm still gratefull

    3. Hi, sorry for making you get a bad ending!!

      Have edited it, here and there, hopefully it might help.
      Let me know if you see any any mistakes or if you have any questions, I might not update on the blog but I try to reply to comments if their are any issues or questions, since I get them thru email.
      Don't worry not angry.
      (People kinda get crazy when commenting, guess their too into the game. ^-^)
      I am very grateful that you visit our blog!!

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