Starstruck Love: Shion or Toma Walkthrough


Starstruck Love

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Today while being at home doing nothing, I finished off Toma's route while my friend is finishing up Shion's! 
We are taking advantage of the opportunity on our time off, before I head back to work and listen to my phone constantly ring! 
Wish i could do this!

Today I have learned a few things about the game, one in particular are the kiss scenes where they just close their eyes, It looks awkward but hilarious at the same time I just want to punch them for some reason.


Also the father in the game... did not discipline his kids at all; I mean where is he when all this S&M happens?
Plus my bf will never understand otome games, especially when one of the scenes was so S&M; where Ryo makes the girl he likes cry; because he likes it..., (Playing Ryo's Route). He wonders why the girls love that type of game? And is every game turning out to be S&M now? 
where is Love


Tried to explain the game plot but he just said he'll watch me play instead, after a few minutes; he tells me If I like it so much maybe he should do the same.... (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ"HELL NO!!"  He just said sure. One thing is in the game the other is reality, I will not be able to take it. That and the fact that I feel the MC is such an M.

ANYWAY... Please let us know if we mixed up a few things here and there, and also thanks everyone for explaining! Much a appreciated!! 
Also on this route instead of Black Fate it's White, you will not earn White Fate if you pick Toma, you will get white fate if you pick Shion, why? I have no idea! Also chic is not bad, well depends how you view the ending, so I would go ahead and get all the chic points above 60 or 65, but 65 is more on the safe side. In my opinion it is maybe an extension of  deep love end or a more submissive heroine, again it depends how you view it, some don't like it, some do, though I am playing the routes again and see the differences. Just a reminder by chapter 9 you have to choose one of the guys!!
Also had no problem nor complains when it came to the extra scenes!!
Will update as much as I can!! 


Deep Love End
Affection 125+

Crazed Love End Affection 125- Chic 65+
(not sure which one so , if you are aiming for this route best bet is to get 65!)

Absolute Love End
Affection (-125) and chic (-55)  


I believe this route is the bad end, compared to the other two!
Reminder you will earn "White Fate" for Shion not for Toma! 
What does it do, or why Shion and not Toma? I have no idea!!

Shion and Toma's Route:


S or T, Chapter 1: My Brother's Are Pop Stars:


(1.) It's okay. I don't. (+5 Toma)
(2.) Thanks, Shion. (+5 Shion)
(3.) Nice to meet you all.


(1.) Why are you ignoring me? (+5 Toma)
(2.) Why are you mad? (+3 Toma) 
(3.) What's with the attitude?


(1.) (I should tell the truth.) 
(2.) What did it look like to you? (+3 chic) 
(3.) You don't need to worry about us. (+5 chic)

1: 13 

(1) I can't compare. (+5 Shion)
(2) Probably. 
(3) Everyone was about the same. (+3 Shion)

S or T, Chapter 2: A Secret Talk: 


(1)  I won't be bothering you, will I? (+3 Shion)
(2) (What should I do... ?)
(3) Sure, I'd be glad to. (+5 Shion)

2: 4 

(1) That's my big brother! (+5 Shion) 
(2) I hope I can hurry and patch things up w/ Toma. (+5 Toma) 
(3) Is it really... okay?

(2:6) - (2:7): Toma's Love Route (affection 15+) 

2: 8 

(1)(He praised me!)
(2) There was a person I to sing w/ long ago... (+3 chic)
(3) It must be because I used to sing w/ Toma. (+5 Chic Level) 

2: 11 

(1) Please let me go. (+3 Toma)
(2) I'm sorry for making you worry. (+5 Toma) 
(3) Please stop. 

Chapter 2: 11- Extra Scene : "The Helping Hand is Tainted w/ Desire"

(2:14) - (2:15): Shion's Love Route (Affection 20+)

S or T, Chapter 3: Ryo's Temptation:

3: 1 

(1) Save ME, big brother! (+5 Shion)
(2) Save me, Toma! (+5 Toma)
(3) Somebody save me! 

3: 4 

(1) You don't have to go that far. (+3 Shion) 
(2) That would be bad. 
(3) I want to stay w/ you. (+5 Shion)

Chapter 3: 4 - Extra Scene "You Are Now Mine" 


(1) Thanks, Toma (+5 Toma) 
(2) It's nothing to worry about.
(3) I'm sorry! I'll get off you right away! (+3 Toma)

(3:9) - (3:10): Shion or Toma Love Route (Affection 30+)


(1) I've got to do my best. (+3 Chic)
(2) I feel tense.
(3) That's me! (+5 Chic Level)

S or T, Chapter 4: I made this song for You:

Chapter 4:1- Extra Scene " Making Your Own Stamp"


(1) (He doesn't seem himself...) 
(2)Why are you talking like that? (+3 Shion)
(3) I don't only talk about him. (+5 Shion)


(1) You're messing up my hair. 
(2) I'm not a kid. (+3 Toma)
(3) Thanks ... (+5 Toma)

(4:8) - (4:9): Shion or Toma Love Route (affection 35+)


(1) Thanks, Toma. (+5 Toma)
(2) I want to be a better talker.
(3) I guess I learned a lot from Shion. (+5 Shion)


(1) Put me down. 
(2) (Try to stay still.) (+3 chic)
(3) (My heart's pounding.) (+5 Chic Level)

S or T, Chapter 5: The Nightmare Stalks its Prey:


(1) It depends on what it is. (+3 Shion)
(2) No way!
(3) Alright. Sounds good. (+5 Shion)

5.2: Shion's (Still) (affection 40+)

(5:4) - (5:5): Shion's Love Route (affection 45+)


(1) This is awful! (+3 Toma) 
(2) It's okay. (+5 Toma)
(3) (Why me...?) 

(5:8) - (5:9): Toma's Love Route (affection 45+)


>Me: Ooo! SnaP! XD

(1) Are you okay, Toma? (+5 Toma)
(2) What are you doing, big brother? (+5 Shion)
(3) Stop it you two! 


(1) Thanks for the advice! I feel better already. (+5 Chic Level)
(2) Do you have any advice for me Karen? 
(3) I appreciate your concern. (+3 Chic)

S or T, Chapter 6: A Moment's Rest


(1) I'm sorry...! 
(2) Toma's gonna be mad again. (+5 Toma)
(3) big brother will be sad. (+5 Shion)

(6:3) - (6:4): Shion or Toma Love Route (affection 55+)


(1) You don't have to apologize. (+5 Chic Level)
(2) It's my fault you're so busy. 
(3) I'm really sorry. (+3 Chic) 


(1) That's a line from the movie, isn't it? (+5 Shion)
(2) (That sort of came out of the blue...) 
(3) Uh...? Big... Bro? (+3 Shion) 


(1) I'm curious so I'll take a bite. (+3 Toma) 
(2) Let's not. (+5 Toma)
(3) Open up and say "ah!" 

S or T, Chapter 7: What is in a Kiss?

7.1: Toma's (Still) (affection 60+)


(1) What the heck happened today? (+3 Toma) 
(2) Toma's kisses... (+5 Toma)
(3) I'm exhausted. 


(1) (What did I do to deserve this?) (+3 Chic) 
(2) (I can't take it anymore...) 
(3) (It seems they're just jealous.) (+5 Chic Level)


(1) (Your face is so... handsome....) (+5 Shion)
(2) Ah! Too close!
(3) I'm still a little nervous, but... (+3 Shion) 

(7:6) - (7:7): Shion's Love Route (Affection 65+)

7.10-7.11: Toma's Love Route (Affection 65+)


(1) (It's all due to Shion's support.) (+5 Shion)
(2) (It's all due to everyone's support.) 
(3) (It's all due to Toma's Support.) (+5 Toma)

S or T: Chapter 8, The End of the Nightmare:


(1) (Toma...) (+5 Toma)
(2) (Shion...) (+5 Shion)
(3) (Somebody...) 


(1) I drove her to it...  
(2) So that's the type of person she is. (+5 Chic Level)
(3) I thought we were friends (+3 Chic) 


(1)Mr. Kujo's doing nothing wrong. (+3 Toma) 
(2) Don't get mad without knowing the situation.  
(3) Sorry for making you worry. (+5 Toma)


(1) I'm sorry to make you worry all the time.
(2) (I miss seeing his face...) (+5 Shion)
(3) I'm happy to hear your voice. (+3 Shion)


(1) Shion's Route
(2) Toma's Route

Toma's Route

Chapter 9, The Nightmare Returns, Distant Hearts:


(1) (It hurts.. Stop it...)
(2) (It hurts, but...) (+3 Chic) 
(3) (I can't resist him...) (+5 Chic Level)


(1) I like you... (+5 Toma)
(2) (How can I answer...?)
(3) I don't know. (+3 Toma) 
Toma's Love Route (affection 80+)


(1) (What should I do?) (+3 Toma) 
(2) You should stop... (+5 Toma)
(3) Thank you...


(1) (I should go back...)
(2) (I should go for it!) (+3 Toma) 
(3) (But I want to see him.) (+5 Toma)

Chapter 10, A Small Gift:

10.1-10.2: Toma's Love Route (affection 95+)

10.2 Love Route: Toma's (Still)

(1) Why do you say so?
(2) Thank you... (+5 Toma)
(3) Everything's my fault. (+3 Toma) 


(1) (Could it be from Toma...?) (+5 Toma)
(2) (A present?) (+3 Toma) 
(3) (I'm scared.)


(1) Even I don't know. (+3 Toma) 
(2) Toma... is my brother.
(3) You know I... (+5 Toma)


(1) (He's Probably worried too.) (+3 Chic) 
(2) (It's because I wasn't straight w/ him.) (+5 Chic Level)
(3) (Why?)

Toma, Chapter 11: Trapped in the Nightmare


(1) (I'm scared!) (+3 Toma) 
(2) (Help me, Toma!) (+5 Toma)
(3) (Maybe if I just don't move...)


(1) (It's my fault...)
(2) (I knew she was crazy.) (+5 Chic Level)
(3) (I wanted to trust her.) (+3) 


(1) (Someone's come for me.) (+3 Toma) 
(2) (Could it be...?) (+5 Toma)
(3) Help me!


(1) I knew you'd come...! (+5 Toma)
(2) What took you so long?
(3) Thank you. (+3 Toma) 

**Toma's route END**

Shion's Route

Chapter 9: "The Curtains are Lifted"


(1) (I don't want to stir up any trouble.)
(2) "About those pics in the other room..."
(3) "It's nothing..." (+5 Shion)


(1) "I don't know about that."
(2) "I  think so."
(3) "That's right." (+5 Shion)


(1) "I'm glad you came to talk to me."
(2) "He's a fan, and we were just talking."
(3) "He wasn't hitting on me." (+5 Shion)


(1) (So that reaction...)
(2) "We can't do that."
(3) (I wonder if the secret really is necessary?) (+5 Chic Level)

Chapter 10: Scandal


(1) "You shouldn't do that..."
(2) (Maybe just a little bit more...)
(3) (I want him to touch me more...) (+5 Shion)


(1) "You're probably right." (+5 Shion)
(2) "But I'm a little worried."
(3) "That's not the issue."

10: 4 Extra "Just for a Bit..."


(1) (Geez, a whole Article...)
(2) (Poor Father...)
(3) (What can you do...?) (+5 Chic Level)


(1) (I just have to tough it out.)
(2) (We're so close, yet so far away...) (+5 Shion)
(3) (Nothing can be done about it.)

Chapter 11: Growing Feelings


(1) "We can't ..."
(2) "Maybe for a little."
(3) "I want to see you, too." (+5 Shion)


(1) (To me, Shion is...) (+5 Shion)
(2) (He's just my brother.)
(3) (Just an overall impression...?)


(1) "I'm going with my brother."
(2) "Help me, Shion!" (+5 Shion)
(3) "Just let me go!"


(1) "It's okay now..."
(2) "That's enough!"
(3) "Get me out of here!" (+5 Chic Level)

**Shion's Route End**

Looking for Author's!

We will not be able to update as often as we could due to work, so we are looking for people who are willing to help out with the walkthrough's.
If you are interested just click the link below and will explain it in further detail.

>>>Author's Wanted<<<


Dammmnnn. Yet the MC still doesn&#8217;t realize what his feelings truly are. Even though he totally snatched her from the other guy she was about to kiss and then leaves the restaurant with her just to do this.
Dammmnnn. Yet the MC still doesn&#8217;t realize what his feelings truly are. Even though he totally snatched her from the other guy she was about to kiss and then leaves the restaurant with her just to do this.
Dammmnnn. Yet the MC still doesn&#8217;t realize what his feelings truly are. Even though he totally snatched her from the other guy she was about to kiss and then leaves the restaurant with her just to do this.

So hope it helps somewhat!! Please let me know if there are any errors!! Sorry for misspellings and grammar, trying to do this as ASAP. 

I might be on vacation but school is not over yet. 。・゚゚・(>д<)・゚゚・。

Hope everyone has a great and safe week and a wonderful V-day! ヾ(◍’౪`◍)ノ゙♡ⒽⓤⒼ❤



  1. Yes!! Thank YOU!! I was desperate to figure a few things out, I kept messing up and picked 3's!!

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  4. How can you reach 20 points for Shion on 2.14-2.15 when the previous choices only add up to 15? T___T

    1. Hello! You can get the points by dressing up your avatar! Either getting it thru item/avatar shop or using the capsules.Either Date Avatar Gacha/ Ami Gacha Machine.

    2. oh i see, i accidentally pressed the wrong, but i forgot bout the clothes for avatar.

  5. Thank you very much! OMG, Now I can have my happy ending with Shion! *qqqqq*

    1. i thought he was rather creepy in his crazed love route.

    2. True, he surprised me. He changes mood so fast. In a second a perfect gentleman, the other ... pretty scary.

    3. Have u seen Toma ending!? He came at me with a knife!? Idk what happen the story ended.

    4. There are several endings, if you have the happy ending, then you should not have gotten that ending. ^^

    5. Also if you would have gotten crazed love ending then...
      one there would be no knife lol,
      two after the whole kidnapping scene you would go visit him so he can bite you, i mean you practically beg him to bite you lol.

  6. Thank you very much you're a lifesaver!!! It has been a great help thank you for making this walkthrough! :D

  7. Awwwwwwww OMG I love Shion so much >< but Toma so cute! >.<'''''''

    1. All are attractive but prefer Toma... but from all 4 prefer Ryo.

  8. Thanks for providing Shion's walkthrough! ^o^

  9. Can you help me? How can I get amigacha for free? Log in for 7days? And 14days? Or what please help I needed

    1. Either by login in for 7 days, or dressing up your friends. by going to 'friend top'. If you do not have friends; make some new buddies. Afterwards by dressing up and thanking your friends you are able to obtain, 20pts for each dress up/thanks, and if you msg them its 10pts. The more friends the more points. You will understand once you click my page scroll up, and it should be on the bottom of the 'Ami gacha points' sign. Hope this helps!

  10. I added your invitation code here is mine:tneXSJ, I am new to this story but I am excited to see how amazing it is. Toma is cute so is Shion. OwO..

    -Yuji T.

    1. Thank you Yuji!!! I am actually a huge fan of Ryo, then maybe Toma. Good luck with the game!

  11. 4.10 option 3 lives + 5 for shion

  12. Wait, so I finished Shion's ending which didn't turn out to be a good ending . So that means the heroine did died in the end ?

    1. I'm not sure for now i am trying to redo everyone's route and get the bad ending, so far crazed and the deep love ending she does not die... so not sure what to say.

      In craze love ending its more mental abuse than anything.

  13. I think there are a few options missing you can get 5 Shimon points at least with the very first option by choosing, "thanks, Shion".

    1. Thanks for letting me know, have quick edited it.

  14. I finished Toma's route today (Extreme Love's End Chp 12) with Chic 38, Shion Love 32, and Toma Love 94, so I guess I got the rather psycho ending (in my opinion) because I didn't reach high enough points. Toma went missing for weeks and all of a sudden turned up inside the heroine's bedroom w/ a knife! I really got confused since I wasn't expecting it to end like so. XD

    1. I have not gotten that ending yet, i did get Ryo's though. All of the character's are pretty messed up in the head.
      Guess that is what makes this game so interesting.

    2. I got the extreme love ending too. I was like is he gonna kill her? I read a horror manga about a guy who ended up being a reincarnated killer and everyone who gets his reencarnation kills their mother at 17,tries to kill their love at 22 and dies at like 25 or 37. So the girl acknowledges it, but loves him too much to kill him off before the cycle started again. So it's implied she gets killed. I was like, this seems a bit too similar to the extreme love ending. They are probably all effed up.

    3. Well guess that's why it's a sadistic game lol.

      Though kinda refreshing, since it is not the usual games that we see.

      Sort of reminds me Diabolik Lovers. Only no vampires.

  15. It says to get the happy end we need to get chic point at least 65, but from walkthourgh above, we only will get 55 total of chic points. Is there any other way to boost up the chic points?
    This branching type of story kinda confused me :/

    1. In order to reach crazed love ending I think that's what it's called ... you need less affection points 0f -125
      So example Shion
      you have:
      Chic: 70
      Affection 117
      The you can progress to craze love ending.
      In order to get chic points you need to purchase it, using platinum.
      I hope i made any sense. If I am wrong do let me know.

    2. I'm still kinda of confuse.. Most of otome games have happy and normal endings but this game has 3 endings and do you know which ending is consider as happy end? is it the craze love ending or the deep love end? Thanks before :)

    3. Remember this game is sadistic; all the characters will be like that, though they are all different types of sadism, so in general this game is like Diabolik Lovers, you can relate to that.

      This game is not meant to be a happy ever after ending, it's more like they both like each other in a sadistic n masochistic way, where the heroine is ok somewhat,
      the second one is more like the heroine gives up in everything and just belongs to the gentlemen that you have chosen, in other he has his way with you,
      while apparently on the third one from everything I have heard you die.

      But all will be a relationship about dominance, and possessiveness,
      Different from your usual Otome games, which makes this game a bit more unique and entertaining.

      I personally prefer the crazed love ending, since it's more interesting.

      Hope I made sense.

    4. You are right, only that it isn't very likely that the guy you choose just kills you...

    5. You are right, but is not very likely when the guy you choose just kills you....

  16. Ugh! I don't have the patience for this. I hate only being allowed to read a little at a time. Why hasn't someone just posted the complete stories?! Grrrrr.

    So, no matter what, all the characters are S&M storylines?

    1. You can always try YouTube. I know 2 of my friends have posted up some of the scenes. You can try there.

      Yes all character's are S&M. The degree of it is different between each character. Like Ryo he is the true sadist. He likes to see the MC cry. He does do a bit of physical and mental abuse on the MC.
      Shion is more sadistic mentally. He cause the MC to suffer no so much physically but more on the mental side.
      While Toma is more physical possessive sadist. Trying to always break her.

      So the ending depending what you are aiming for it can be a happy S&M.
      A not so happy S&M.
      Or the bad ending. Hope this answer's your question.

  17. If I want to have deep love ending for Shion, does the chick points matter at all?

    1. Hmm....
      Good question...

      In my opinion as long as you have above +125 for affection and chic lower than affection you should reach deep love ending.

  18. Ghetto. Shion just killed me. Your definition of S&M is much different than mine, but I have friends that work in the industry. I didn't find any S&M (which is about trust and respect and in no way hurts the other person). I just read a story of psycho brothers. I was disappointed. What you explained isn't at all what happened.

    1. I think the girls meant S&M For the other endings not the bad ending...

      Well in the game description it describes it as S&M...

      Also remember in Japan and wherever else it might be different on how you view it, plus from the routes that I have played not the bad ending though.
      Either MC feels bad because the guy protected it her, so she giver herself to him, or the good ending where she is ok with it.
      Like for Toma, she literally goes to find Toma, because she wants to be bitten?!

      Then again I'm not into the whole possessive creep, especially Shion...

  19. Which ending would be a more happy ending for both SM or RR route?

  20. My "Choice of white fate" was 0 and it says it needs to go up by 1... Does anyone know how to do that??? Please help!!!

    1. From what I know, the only way to get white fate is by choosing Shion, on Toma's route there is no white fate. Why? As of now I have no idea!
      Needless to say what does white fate/black do? That is another question.

      So to only receive the 'fate' is choosing Ryo or Shion. Hope this helps.

  21. Oh ok, so at this point, since I've already chosen Toma, there's no way I can raise the white fate by any amount, huh? Oh well...
    Thanks for your help!

  22. Could someone tell me what actually happen in Shion's Crazed Love Ending?

  23. A rarely found yandere mobile otome game,for the love of god (*∪*)

    Many thought this is s&m but its possibly nt. Yandere is different from s&m though, although their actions of physical/mental torture can be a connection C:

    Shion is the classic(?) Type of yandere which behaves like most japanese web authors portrays, and i love hw they express their crazed love eheheh((

    A definitely must read mobile otome game for yandere maniacs ㄟ( ̄▽ ̄ㄟ)

    1. I think that Shion's a classic yandere is one of the main things that makes him my favorite character in the game. I fall for the yandere maniacs, hahaha. I like how nonlethal his obsession is at first, comparatively speaking. It's a slow burn with him that leads to a vibrant fire.
      Ryo pisses me off. I don't like sexual sadists. I am a sadist myself and there is very little M in me to tolerate his antics. ψ(`∇´)ψ Toma's cool, though. He more actively pursues the protagonist than the gentle Shion which means the boy makes it to second base! Also, Toma's not the one drinking my tears. *I'm looking at you, Ryo* At least buy her dinner first!

  24. Hello! It says here that you need 125+ affection points to get tge Deep Love End. Does that mean that as long as you have 125+ affection points, it doesn't matter how many chic points you have and you'll still get the Deep Love End? :D just wanted to clarify. Thanks so much for the walkthrough! :)

    1. Yes. Pretty much just pick the +5 for the character that you want. Affection just need to be above 125.

  25. I believe that for otome games nowadays too be leaning towards the S&M is because most girls likes or wants to be treated that way in japan i guess? I can empathize with the MC maybe because i might an M myself ><

  26. I played the bad one and Toma killed me... it is very weird... is the worst end I think...

  27. Hi. So I'm trying to get Special Scenario for Toma in order to raise my affection level. I have a high enough affection level to view it. However, it's asking me to "Confirm goodwill levels". What does that mean? I'm pressing the arrow in the picture to buy it, but nothing is happening. Do I need to buy more platinum? How do get the special scenario? There no Secret Key link to buy like the Secret Diary special scenarios.

    1. Goodwill?? I cannot remember that!!!
      From what i do remember
      white fate, you will only get it for Shion, not for Toma. not sure why.
      As long as you have: 125 affection, and not high in in Chic. then you should be fine.
      Also if there is no key showing up, then there is no extra, also check the hints, if it tells you, need 20pts to reach special scenario or something like that, before going ahead. I am guessing it' just wants to know everything is good with the points that you have before you proceed. Sorry If I'm wrong, it's been a while since i last played.

    2. Yeah, you need a certain affection level to get a character's Love Route scenario. Then, you will view said character's special Love Route in the next scenario automatically. Thanks for the feedback. The app was throwing me off when it showed a picture of the day saying "Confirm goodwill levels." It means nothing really. It's just a pretty sign.

  28. how could I increase Route Chic Level? , and my Choice of white fate is 0 =.= i don't understand

    1. Good evening,
      Sorry to hear your confused about the game, no worries, I think everyone is...
      White fate you can 'ONLY' get it on Shion's route, no choice, what does it do, i have no clue! You get it when you are only with Shion.

      If you are aiming for the crazy ending which is low affection points and high chic points, pretty much choose, every answer against you guy, and if you have the chance to pick chic points choose it you need it. thats the best way!

  29. hi :"> tks for reply me, but u said that i get White fate when I'm only with Shion, how could it be? sr i still confuse of it , because route is between Toma and Shion so ... and finally, is it Ok with 0point for Choice of white fate? could I do sthg to increase it?

    1. good morning! Yes you are ok if you have 0 white fate. so no worries! continue the game!
      yes you only get white fate for shion. why. i dont know. still trying to figure that out. but you are ok continue the game. good luck.

    2. thank you :) and have and nice day

  30. Do I still have to increase Toma's affection point if I'm aiming for Shion's route?

  31. hi :) when my friend use my Invitation code, there's a notification "there's an error with this invitation code" ?? do u know why or how to fix it?

    1. If it is iphone and android i dont think it works....

      also check if you gave her the correct code and that its in the beginning of the game!