Pub Encounter: Yorihisa Hodo


Due to Aya being in sick leave, she is now taking advantage in recording some of the games that we have all anxiously been waiting for years!

Forbidden Romance: Pub Encounter: Yorihisa Hodo

Aya has recently posted the Prologue and the first chapter of Yorihisa! Do keep in mind, she will not record Mamoru nor Yuze, because they have already been posted! Also, once she finishes, she would like know what other route you would like next. Personally I want Hideaki. If you love Bidding for Love and have been following her for Kyo's main route, which she finally finished *applause*, and you also love older men, this is the game for you! Especially if you are looking for something more sexy, then this is the game for you!

May I present the Yorihisa Hodo- Chapter 1: "Inevitable Concession"

Just in case you know nothing about the game I am talking about!
Over 300,000 players in Japan have experienced Pub Encounter, and now you can too on your smartphone! Download the app for free and fall in love with an older man!

- What is Pub Encounter?
It's a romance game where you can fall in love with one of several middle-aged men. All of them are experienced in life and have their own stories to tell. They may not be young, but they can love as deeply and passionately as anyone. It's been so popular in Japan that there are even drama CDs about the characters!

- What's the story?
After a rough day at work, you decide to walk a different way home to try and improve your mood. Walking down an unfamiliar street, you stumble across a bar named Audire that seems like it has a nice atmosphere. Unsure of what to expect, you open the door and find a group of high-class older men. What awaits you at Audire?

- Who are the characters?
  • Yuze Ryunosuke: Focuses on his job a little too seriously. Because of certain events in his past, he's uncomfortable around women.
  • Arashiro Mamoru: Always in a good mood, but has a mysterious air to him. He's a gentleman who isn't afraid to go on the offensive to get what he wants.
  • Kodama Hideaki: Charming, but a bit of an airhead. If there's a woman around, he naturally winds up next to her. More cunning than he looks.
  • Hodo Yorihisa: A seemingly gentle man who has a way with words. Treats life like a game.
  • Toyoizumi Soichiro: A calm gentleman who's good at listening. Normally he's just an observer, but once you get to know him...
- Animated characters!
The characters in Pub Encounter blink, talk, and more! You'll feel like you're right there with your man.

- How to play
Since Dandy Shot is a visual novel, there are no complicated controls. Just start up the game, and you can start wooing the man of your choice!

- You should play Dandy Shot if... want to fall in love with a handsome guy. like romance novels, romance manga, and romantic TV dramas. like romance games. want to know what it's like to love an older man. want a HOT A STEAMIER GAME! (MATURE AUDIENCE ONLY!! XD)

Here is Chapter 2!
Give a thumbs up for AYA!

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